Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Zompacolypse Makeover

Greta: Oh squee diddles!! It's finally here!!

Darkfallen: I KNOW I KNOW!! I'm super mondo excited!

Greta: We need candy!

Darkfallen: We need cobwebs!

Greta: We need a graveyard and trick or treaters and a humungous extravaganza!

Darkfallen: We need Zombies and an Apocolypse!

Greta: Now, that might be going a bit too far... I mean... A zombie apolcolypse?

Darkfallen: Not just any apocolyse... a ZOMPACOLYSE

You heard right guys and ghouls!! The Wastelands are now in Zompacolypse mode! So go grab your mummy, tell your franken Daddy that you'll be home late, and head over here every day for some screamishly good tricks and treats! This month we have author interviews, guest bloggers, a whole big bag of delightful tricks, and at the end of the month a huge trick or treat blog hop full of prizes!

And what can we do first to get into the Halloween spirit?

Why costumes of course!!

See you 'round the Wastelands!! We have the best candy, the best interviews, and the best guest bloggers carmel apples can buy ;) Come ring our doorbell tomorrow and see what treats we have to offer !!

Wanna join the Zompacolypse hop? Want all the Wastelanders to trick or treat at your blog this Halloween? Then why don't you join the most awesome party around?! Details are Here but beware of the zombies!! Remember.... we warned ya -- muhahahahas!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun; will definitely be there :D

  2. Hey there and welcome to the zombie horde! If you want to sign up for the giveaway hop you still can! Just go here:

  3. YAYS!! Zompacolypse is here!! Super duper excited!!!

  4. yay! looking forward to the faboo zombies here!