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Blood & Other Cravings by Ellen Datlow: Review

Blood & Other Cravings
By Ellen Datlow
Published Sept 13th, 2011 by TOR
Pick up your copy at Amazon, B&N, or your local indie today!

Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

When we think of vampires, instantly the image arises: fangs sunk deep into the throat of the victim. But bloodsucking is merely one form of vampirism. For this brilliantly original anthology, Ellen Datlow has commissioned stories from many of the most powerfully dark voices in contemporary horror, who conjure tales of vampirism that will chill readers to the marrow.

In addition to the traditional fanged vampires, Datlow presents stories about the leeching of emotion, the draining of the soul, and other dark deeds of predation and exploitation, infestation, and evisceration…tales of life essence, literal or metaphorical, stolen.

Seventeen stories, by such award-winning authors as Elizabeth Bear, Richard Bowes, Kathe Koja, Margo Lanagan, Carol Emshwiller, and Lisa Tuttle will petrify readers. With dark tales by Laird Barron, Barry Malzberg and Bill Pronzini, Kaaron Warren, and other powerful voices, this anthology will redefine the terror of vampires and vampirism.

Darkfallen's thoughts:

Blood & Other Cravings is book of short stories that are sure to induce spine tingling chills...and quite possible a nightmare are two. *winks* With many many great stories about all different takes on vampirism, and I have to say that I found some of them extremely fascinating!

For instance in Needles, by Elizabeth Bear, there are two different types of vampires that work together. However the female? Yes I want to read more about her! Rather than drinking the blood of humans she somehow sucks the life out of breastfeeding infants by nursing them. This story had my attention, no matter how morbid it was. This is a story that I would like to see at novella, or even novel length.

A few of my other favorites were All You Can Do Is Breathe by Kaaron Warren (which takes creepy to a whole new level), Blood Yesterday, Blood Tomorrow by Richard Bowes, & Miri by Steve Rasnic Tem. But my up most favorite is...

Sweet Sorrow by Barbara Roden. Not only is this story chilling, the writing, lyrical at times, gives life to the story. I devoured every word and was beyond sad when after just 21 short pages it was over. I wanted more...I NEED more!

So overall while this was a book filled with great stories I think I have learned that anthologies just aren't for me. I am mean talk about fueling your ADD with all the subject changes! Which left me feeling distracted. But for those of you that LOVE anthologies Yes I know you're out there... I say this book will not disappoint! Ellen Datlow did an excellent job putting this together.

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Looting Isn't the Most Fun You can Have During a Zombie Apocalypse: A Zombie Short Story by

Looting Isn't the Most Fun You can Have During a Zombie Apocalypse: A Zombie Short Story
Author or the upcoming new zombie series, The Famished Trilogy! The first book, Taking on The Dead, is set to come out in 2012 and it is sure to grab you by the grey matter *winks*

The sun was shining, which meant there were no signs of famished as the van
pulled in the Walmart Supercenter parking lot. There were no cars. Not a single one. Old
scorch marks adorned the lot from body disposal. Litter blew all over like leaves in the
fall. Reece, Mac, and I glanced at each other. This was weird. Usually, places like this
would show more signs of outbreak panic. Reece was driving and rode by the entrances.
Both doors were open, but there wasn’t any movement inside the Walmart. He backed
into an entrance as far as he could go.
I found being parked inside of a Walmart comical.
I was going to crack a joke until Reece said, “Mac, you take medical supplies. Kan,
you go look for any camping gear you can find. I’ll take the household items and
hardware.” He was all business now that we were here. It wasn't his age that made me
trust him, but I trusted him with my life and knew he had my back. He could boss me
around this once.
Sunlight bounced off Reece's tattooed bald head and caused a double glare in his
sunglasses. His leather vest squeaked as he opened his door. His "Ass, Gas, or Grass;
Nobody Rides for Free" patch needed a date with needle and thread before it fell off.
“Keep alert.” He warned as the small beads in his goatee jangled together.
Mac and I nodded getting out. It was warmer in here than outside. Mac pulled his
red hoodie off, throwing it in the back. I almost left my jacket in the van, but slid on my
battered army pack taking stock of myself. My machete was hanging from its normal
spot on the right side of the pack. I had two Bersa Thunder semiautomatic pistols and a
hunting knife in my belt.
I took a deep breath through my nostrils making out a faint trace of decay from
the living dead. There was also a strange bitter stench. We stood in a row listening for
any sounds of lurking zombies.
“Smell it?” I whispered glancing to Mac. His brows were drawn together. His
bottom lip was poked out as his tongue ran across the inside of it rapidly. I could see
him perfectly in the light of the open glass doors. His sandy blonde curls puffed up on
one side as if he had run a hand through it. His white T-shirt seemed extra bright.
He was looking around intently before stopping at me. His blue eyes burned
bright as he flashed me a smile, and tugged on one of my long dreads. “Nothing to worry
about. It’s not strong and it’s warm in here. Not an ideal place for the undead.” He
reassured me. Even though, I already knew these things. Some people thought Mac was
a cocky, military trained, asshole of a twenty-eight year old man. He is. I’ve seen it with
my own eyes, but he’s never been an asshole to me. I feel like I see another side of him,
especially when he looks at me like he is now.
I returned the smile before letting my gaze seek movement. It was silent and
dark. There was light coming in through the doors illuminating enough to make out
aisles. The darkened shadows seemed to drift outward while I watched.
Reece walked a few feet away searching down the closer aisles. A croaked moan
cut through my awareness seeming to bounce from the walls to rafters. I froze at the
sound as the hair on my arms stood on end. There was a thick slithering coming from
between the cash registers. It clearly wasn’t immediate danger. I walked toward the
sound without another thought. I couldn’t see what it was from the darkened area.
“Sunshine.” Mac said quietly close to my ear. He had taken to calling me by the
endearment before he knew it was my middle name. He moved to stand in front of me,
protectively, before clicking on a small flashlight. I held back from reminding him about
the last time he moved in front of me, he had been shot in the ass. Instead, I pulled my
gun as I caught sight of what lay in the flashlight beam. I slid back the rail with ease,
silently chambering a bullet.
“Don’t waste your ammo.” He said as the light flashed the length of the zombie on
the smooth tiled floor.
It looked up at us with eyes that were filming a milky color, but darkened black
with settled blood. He was well on his way to becoming a putrid; old and rotten. All of
his hair was still intact, but his skin sagged around his eyes and jaw. His one arm
reaching out toward us clawing the air. A few of his cracked fingernails had already
fallen off. His bottom half was nothing but gnawed bones with hanging nerves. His
thickened blood smeared the floor beneath him leaving a trail from where he had been
dragging himself. The other arm was missing. The flailing arm had a huge bag strapped
around the shoulder with a few ripped strips of a faded black shirt sleeve.
“Holy shit!” Reece breathed approaching from behind. “Might be the source of
the smell.”
I doubted it. He wasn’t old enough for the decayed smell in the air. Judging from
how rapidly he could move his arm, if he had legs he would still be able to run.
Mac handed me the flashlight. “He was hanging onto that bag for dear life.” He
observed bending over with a knife. The famished’s hand grabbed at him. Mac
automatically stepped on it as if it were a pesky cockroach. He held the arm down with
his combat boot, and slit the bag open. I shined the light on its contents. Liters of
rubbing alcohol and dozens of boxes of cold medicine spilled out.
Mac scoffed in unison with Reece. I said, “Someone must have been sick.” Reece
held back a snort of amusement. I glanced at him sharply. “What the hell is so funny?”
He only raised his eyebrows. I must be missing the obvious.
“No one was sick, Sunshine. This dude was going to cook meth. Explains the
weird smell. Might be why he is so hyped for an older zombie.” Mac explained as he
straightened stomping his boot to the famished’s head. “Fucking redneck.” Disgust
oozed from his tone as the zombie wiggled. He stomped again, this time a crunch
sounded splattering fresh gore. Specks of it hit my jeans.
I ignored the blood. I’ve been dealing with zombie goo for four years. I’m quite
adapted to it. I cocked an eyebrow at Mac crossing my arms. “And you aren’t?” I joked.
Mac was anything but a redneck. I couldn’t help it because like me, he had grown up
here, in the south, as well.
He smirked. “Okay, backwoods redneck.” He emphasized. I nodded as though I
Reece sighed warily, not trusting this location. “Let’s finish in here.”
Sticking the gun in the front of my jeans, I made my way to the back where the
sporting goods had been located. The place had been looted. People looting for anything
they could carry. I doubted I’d find ammunition here. The closer I got to the back, the
worse the rank smell thickened. It had also gotten darker, but I still had Mac’s small
flashlight in my back pocket.
My eyes widened as I realized there were aisle racks moved around. I could see
they were arranged to make up separate rooms. Judging by all the garbage and sleeping
bags, someone lived here. By the way it was stinking, for some time. I noticed empty
bottle and cold medicine packaging. Mac had been right. That zombie had been cooking
Everything that I came for had been used at some point. I decided against taking
anything. I believed we had enough of this stuff. The only question that remained was,
where were the other occupants? I assume they had escaped an attack.
I heard a shuffle in the next aisle. I froze as a groan floated down my own aisle
sending goosebumps up the back of my neck. I turned to see a putrid turning down my
aisle at the very end. I felt a surge of excitement and started walking closer to it when I
saw several more turn into the aisle.
I stopped to watch them. They were walking jerkily slow. The first one’s head was
cocked to one side as if it were curious about me. It reminded of a dog waiting on a treat.
This one had been a woman. Her hair was gangly and missing chunks of scalp. Her skin
was still a bluish color. It would soon turn green and textured. These putrids weren’t
that old, but older than the meth-addled zombie. This might be a good time to try a
Molotov. I pulled a jar out of my pack. I stabbed a slit in the top with the hunting knife
before re-sheathing it in my belt. I dipped the cloth threading it through the slit, and
twisting the cap back on. I lit the rag with a lighter.
I tossed it to the floor in front of the putrid. The glass busted making the
moonshine splatter and catch fire instantly. It spread on the floor and up the putrid’s
body in a sparking wave as it followed fumes, spills, and splatters.
I quickly figured out why this is not a good idea. It only makes the zombies come
at you while on fire. I blinked not believing my own stupidity. I did note that it slowed
them considerably. I sighed. Time to get out of here before the burning smell hit me.
That’s when I heard a snarl from behind me. I was slammed in the back falling
forward to the floor. I let out a frustrated grunt as I caught myself on my knee as pain
splintered through it. My huge pack moved hitting me in my head, but keeping the
famished from getting a lock on me.
Holding myself up with my arm, I kicked out, scrambling away from the zombie.
When I got myself turned around, the famished was on top of me, again. We fell, with
me on my back awkwardly because of my pack as I held the famished away from me by
its neck. I vaguely heard my machete clang on the floor. The frenzied zombie’s hand was
entangled in my dread locks. My scalp felt like it would be ripped from my skull. I yelped
feeling it’s clammy skin almost to the point of slimy. I tried not to cringe away from it.
Thick drool dripped down my neck from it’s mouth. My face pinched trying to keep it’s
mouth away from me.
I heard another snarl, and knew there was at least one more coming for me. I
couldn’t see very well, but the fire from the flaming putrid was giving me enough light.
The second zombie tumbled into me from the side. I threw my elbow at it, getting it
away from me.
The first zombie’s mouth was snapping way too close to my face. I grappled with
my Bersa in my left hand. I pulled the trigger getting a clean shot to the head. I turned
my head and felt gore shower me in a cold spray. The shot still resonating in my ear. The
stench of burning putrid thick in my throat tasting of foul death.
The other famished was right behind him. Gunshots echoed from the other
direction. Reece and Mac. The zombie wasted no time jumping on top of me, but not
before I put my feet in the air bending at my knees. Aches went through my joints with
the weight of it. I felt it’s breath smelling rotten meat and soured blood. My stomach
churned as I swallowed the extra saliva that was threatening to help release the contents
of my stomach. I could see the stained black of its teeth. I pushed up with both legs with
all the strength I could muster. It had the desired effect. The zombie flew up and
sideways as I kicked it. I was able to aim my gun at it immediately squeezing the trigger.
All of this had only taken seconds to happen. The putrid torch had reached me. A
keening sound coming from it’s throat. I kicked myself away from the dead famished
surfing backwards easily from the slick zombie blood. I shot the putrid in the head. It
slumped on top of the dead zombie. Still on fire. Smoke filled my lungs as I stood up. I
put my hands on my knees trying not to hack up one of my lungs.
When I was able to gulp air, relief washed through me in a strong tide bringing
exhaustion with it, but I had an aisle of slow zombies coming at me. Their scuffling
sounding ten times louder now that my famished brawl was over.
There was an explosion drowning out the putrid parade, then another right after.
The double sounds boomed inside my ears causing an instant pain. The building shook
violently. They were going to bring the Walmart tumbling down on top of us, all the
while making us deaf. I covered my head and ears feeling debris fly all over me. Some of
the putrids had fallen over from the explosions making it smell like burnt cheese mixed
in a used restroom toilet. I didn’t have time to worry about Mac and Reece, I just had to
get to them.
I turned to run in the other direction slipping on blood. My boot slipping on the
slick floor. I caught myself on a rack, my right arm windmilling. The rack tilted slightly
causing items on it to tumble down onto me crashing to the floor. Luckily, nothing hurt.
Either that or my adrenaline kept me from feeling it. I kept my balance by letting go of
the rack in order to keep running. I felt and heard the rack smash down behind me.
Coming around a corner, I smacked into a body.
I felt hands grab my arms. “Kan!” It was Mac. I could see his stark white shirt
glowing from the fire. It reflected in his wide eyes.
“Shit! Famished and putrids all over. We need to leave!” I shouted the obvious. I
think because my hearing was still filled with static.
He pushed me out of the way. “Yeah, I know!” He pulled his gun firing rounds
into the aisle I just emerged from. His shots making my ears ring all the more. I think he
just wanted to shoot something.
“Will you give my ears a rest? They are going to start bleeding!” I shouted some
“What?” He yelled, mocking me, cupping a hand around his ear. Smiling at his
joke, he grabbed my arm. “Let’s go.” He said urgently. He looked around every aisle
while hurrying to the van.
He shot more putrids on the way out. I ignored them as long as they weren’t in
our way. Reece had already started the van and was waiting on us. We jumped in, and
before we could even get the door closed, he peeled out of the Walmart.
“Kan, are you all right?” Mac exclaimed looking me over. Neither one of them
looked as appalling as I did covered in zombie crud and guts. It was already starting to
dry on my skin. “There were probably a hundred putrids. They came out of nowhere.
Must have been hiding out of the sun. Reece lit the bombs, so we could get to you.” He
was breathing heavy. Hell, all three of us were strung out on zombie battle adrenaline.
Reece chimed in merrily. “Those bombs work perfect!”
I was trying to calm myself. My ears were muted, but I could still hear faintly.
“Yeah, I heard them. I thought the building was going to collapse.” I said as Mac
flinched back from my loud talk. I could tell he was wanting to make another joke, but I
went on with a lower voice, “People had been living there. I found used sleeping bags
and empty cold medicine packaging." I said. Mac looked at me sharply. "I’m guessing
they were the famished I ran into. We should have pulled a Tallahassee, and played a
banjo.” I joked as my hearing was returning, thankfully. They both laughed at my
Zombieland reference.
“Maybe we could go to Bill Murray’s house.” Mac sniggered.
“Yeah, and smoke out of his hookah.” Reece said as we all laughed, trying to
shake away the close call. I didn’t want to think about how close. We were all too
familiar with the consequences of such trips like these. There were always risks.
I looked at my jacket. There was zombie muck congealing on it. I sighed. That’s
karma for you. I stripped it off with my T-shirt. Reece handed me a towel. I wiped my
face and scrubbed at the gore. Mac took off his white T-shirt. He gave me the shirt and
pulled on the red hoodie from the back of the van.
“Thanks.” I smiled my appreciation at him as I put on his shirt.
He shrugged looking a little disappointed, “I’d rather you be without it.” I
laughed at his “dick for brains” comment, putting my jacket over the T-shirt. I wasn’t
letting it go. I’ll scrub it when we get back to the community. Stained or not. It will have
character now.
“Those people were living out in the open. Without any protection, they drew in
putrids. I wonder why they didn’t get eaten alive.” I reasoned out loud.
“One of them could have been bit, didn’t say anything to the others, and things
escalated.” Reece said thoughtfully.
Mac was looking out the window. We were pulling onto the road headed for
another destination. “Maybe. My guess would be, they were living in a Walmart. Using
and cooking methamphetamine. Got taken by surprise trying to escape with any
supplies they could grab, hence the zombie with the bag. It could also explain why the
doors were open, and no vehicle's in the parking lot. Maybe someone managed to
I shook my head, “Lovely.” I said dryly. They nodded their agreement. We were
all breathing normal again. My adrenaline high dissipating. I really shouldn’t voice this,
but I did anyway. “That was fun.”
Mac shot me a smirk because for once, I wasn’t being sarcastic.


Wasn't that AWESOME?!?! And that is just a taste of what is to come in her new trilogy.

Taking on the Dead

Kansas has been hiding out for four years in solitude. It's the only way to
survive. The only way not to draw the living dead. She encounters a small
group of people who sanctions her for help. She soon learns the new world
might not be what she thinks. Venturing out of her refuge and comfort zone
she realizes that the world has moved on without her. Only it's not what she
expects. Her knowledge of the living dead grows and only makes her more
curious as humanity continues to hang on by a thread. While on her search
for answers she finds comfort in new friendships and love, all the while her
past continues to haunt her. New life wouldn't be so bad if the zombies
were the only foes.
In a trilogy plot thick with twists and turns, it is emotional as much as it is
horrifyingly gripping.

To learn more about what makes Annie tick, and more about her new series you can catch her on her blog here!

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After a failed attempt at running away, best friends Nathan and Misty return home expecting to face angry parents. Instead, they discover the military has destroyed the bridges out of their rural town and everyone's fled--except a small horde of the living dead. The stress of flesh-eating zombies may be more than their already strained relationship can handle.

Even with the help of the town geek and lemonade-powered Super-Soakers, there's not enough time to squeeze their way out of this sticky mess. Unless the trio eradicates the zombie infestation, while avoiding the deadly zombie snot, the military will blow the town, and them, to pulp.

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Surviving the Zompacolypse with Carrie Harris:Giveaway

Today we sit down with Carrie Harris, author of Bad Taste In Boys, to learn a few tricks to survive a Zombie Apocalypse!

Too bad it's too late for Darkfallen here...

In the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse, I’m Tripping You – A Few Tips on Friendships in the Zombie Wasteland

Apparently, I’m on a lot of zombie apocalypse survival lists. People think that because I’m a zombie author, I’d be a good resource. And sure, I know a lot of zombie lore. I can debate the relative merits of melee versus projectile weaponry and make up a survival plan depending on a few key bits of knowledge about said zombies and how they work. But I’ve got a confession to make:

Other than the planning bits, I’m pretty freaking useless.

If you need someone to stand behind you and yell, “AIM FOR THE HEAD, YOU IDIOT! THE HEAD!!!” I’m your girl, but I’m one of those people who loves to play zombie shooting games but doesn't really use any actual TECHNIQUE. I just kind of empty my gun in the general direction of the undead and cackle maniacally. Let me put it to you another way—my zombocalypse survival plan consists of one and one thing only. I married a ninja.

Not kidding.

Really, when you think about it, your choice of company can determine whether or not you’ll turn out as a zombie chew toy. And because your survival means a lot to me, I’d like to give you some advice. Friends are great and all, but when it comes to survival in the zombie wasteland, you need more than happy fuzzy feelings to make it to the next sundown. Think carefully about the people you hang with. There are some people you DON’T want to hang with in the event of the zombocalypse. Unless you secretly aspire to be a lurching corpse, in which case I think you might need medication. So without further ado, I’d like to suggest some random things to consider when choosing your zombie survival peeps.

Do you hang with that guy you know who learned ninjutsu from a detailed study of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? We all know this guy, don’t we? Some of us are even related to him. He owns ALL the ninja gear, although he calls his weapons something like “the stabby thing of death” or “the death thing of stabby” or “the thingy of stabby death,” but hopefully not that last one because am I alone in thinking it sounds vaguely pervy in a disturbing sort of way? Anyway, this guy talks a big talk, but in the event of zombie attack, he will probably trip over his own foot trying to do a spin kick and stab himself with the stabby thing of death. Not the kind of guy you want watching your back.

The zombie apocalypse might be your last chance to meet that celebrity that you’ve worshipped from afar for years. But consider the object of your affection carefully. Under no circumstances should your zombie survival plan involve going to Richard Simmons’s house. He’s probably faster than you, and everyone knows that zombies are attracted to men in short shorts. Which also means that you shouldn’t hang with the biker from the Village People. Lady Gaga, on the other hand? She is the perfect zombie survival companion. She wears dresses made of beef, glasses that are impossible to see through, and platforms. If I wasn’t already married to a ninja, I’d start cloning Gagas, because the zombie survival doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh, and you can bet that Woody Harrelson’s house will be PACKED, because everyone who has seen Zombieland will go there. Personally, I’m heading for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s, because I figure the chosen one can behead just as well as she can stake.

Swimsuit models make terrific zombie survival partners. Because it’s impossible to hide a zombie bite in a bikini, whereas Eskimos will always take you by surprise and leap out of their parkas and try to gnaw your head off. Plus, there’s always a chance that the zombies may retain a little bit of conscious thought and turn to watch the models scamper around in their teeny bikinis while you make a quick getaway.

Wait! Wait! I’ve got the PERFECT survival strategy. Dress the guy with the stabby thing of death in a swimsuit made of meat! Send him out the front door and make arrangements to meet him at the car so you can go to Buffy’s house. You’ll need to wash your eyeballs with Windex to erase all traces of that image from your corneas, but you’ll be ALIVE.

Or you could just do what I did and marry a ninja. But I think that second idea is funnier.

~Carrie Harris

BAD TASTE IN BOYS -- Available now!
Someone's been a very bad zombie...

BAD HAIR DAY -- Coming in fall of 2012!
The badness continues...

And because Carrie wanted to make sure you were all prepared in the event your boyfriend becomes all zombified and such, she has brought a copy of her book Bad Taste In Boys for one lucky winner. And guess what?! She has even SIGNED it!!

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Bad Taste In Boys by Carrie Harris:Review

Bad Taste in Boys
Carrie Harris
Published July 12th 2011 by Delacorte Press
Pick up your copy at Amazon, B&N, or your local indie today!
Synopsis borrowed Goodreads:
Someone's been a very bad zombie.

Kate Grable is horrified to find out that the football coach has given the team steroids. Worse yet, the steroids are having an unexpected effect, turning hot gridiron hunks into mindless flesh-eating zombies. No one is safe--not her cute crush Aaron, not her dorky brother, Jonah . . . not even Kate!

She's got to find an antidote--before her entire high school ends up eating each other. So Kate, her best girlfriend, Rocky, and Aaron stage a frantic battle to save their town. . . and stay hormonally human.

Darkfallen's thoughts:

Kate is your average geek girl high school student. She gets ignored by most people. Those that don't ignore her pick on her. But she is also the student sports medicine assistant for their losing football team, which means whenever there is a medical emergency suddenly everyone remembers her name and comes calling.

That's how it started. She arrives at a party she didn't want to go to in time for Mike, the grubby handsy football jock, to puke black stuff on her car, grab her butt and walk away. Only a few minutes later is when Aaron, high school quarter back & Kate's dream boy, grabs her hand takes off running. Apparently there is some sort of emergency with Mike the groper, and it's OMG THAT DUDE IS DEAD STIFF, bad. So why is it that all Kate is thinking, Ummmm like Aaron is totally touching me!!!?
This book was hilarious most of the time. I mean yes there was a few parts where I was like Really?!, but I have to tell you as a general rule this girl *points to self* has an issue with "stupid" funny. Like the movie Anchorman for instance? Yea I fell asleep in the theatre during that. However the second time I watched it at home I was laughing, and by the third time I was quoting ya see it takes me a minute to warm up to it. This book was no exception. In the beginning I was that girl that fell asleep in the theatre, and by the end I am the girl whose laughing out loud and her mother-n-law is giving her weird looks! lolz

If you enjoy a good comedy then this book is for you. Pick it up and breeze through it. It is a fun light read that I would say kind of reminds me of Shaun of the Dead meets YA teens. It will leave you thinking things like...Ewwww so that's what it taste like to kiss a zombie.

Bite ya laters...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paranormals Tour: Tommy Nightmare Playlist/Giveaway!

Breaking news just in!
That's right my zombie friends. We interupt your scheduled programming for a special Paranormals event!
So drop the brains on your plate, open your ears, and give a warm welcome to J.L.Bryan, author of the Paranormals Series! Or more importantly, and also why I told you to open your ears, we are dicussing the playlist for the second book in the series, Tommy Nightmare.

Stay tuned to this broadcast for your chance to enter a giveaway that will blow your mind!
But first how about we introduce you to the book shall we?

Tommy Nightmare
By J.L.Bryan
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

While Fallen Oak recovers from the Jenny pox, someone new is hunting Jenny.

Like Jenny, Ashleigh Goodling belonged to a pair of opposites with powers that mirror each other.

The man behind the books:
J.L. Bryan studied English literature at the University of Georgia and at Oxford, with a focus on the
English Renaissance and the Romantic period. He also studied screenwriting at UCLA. He enjoys
remixing elements of paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, horror and science fiction into new kinds of
stories. He is the author of The Paranormals trilogy (Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, and Alexander
Death). Fairy Metal Thunder is the first book in his new Songs of Magic series. He lives in Atlanta
with his wife Christina, his son John, two dogs, and two cats.

Now for the music!

To view the entire soundtrack on YouTube click HERE!

As promised last Wednesday, here is the soundtrack to Tommy Nightmare, the second book in The
Paranormals series. I’ll pick some of the songs out of the playlist and explain a little about why I chose
them. Again, feel free to comment below about these songs or other songs that might be included in
the Tommy soundtrack.

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division, performed by The Cure.~ Yeah, this is a little bit of
foreshadowing for how the book will go. Seth and Jenny are listening to the Cure as they drive around
town in the aftermath of the first book.

“Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen.~ To me, this is where Esmeralda decides to run off with
Tommy, despite the fact that it clearly might be a bad decision...

“The Highwayman” performed by Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris
Kristofferson .~ If there’s one song that represents the whole trilogy to me, it’s this one. There just
aren’t many old country songs about reincarnation. In fact, I’m sure this is the only one. It had to
either at the end or right in the middle of the three books. :)

“Learning to Fly” by Pink Floyd.~ This is what Wooly is listening to at home when he gets a special
visit from Tommy. I think it also applies to the characters learning to use their powers and also trying
to grow up. But maybe that’s just me.

“Violet” by Hole.~ While I had to think and rethink about possible choices for a song to represent the
climactic scene of Jenny Pox, this one took no time to decide. Jenny makes a decision to surrender, in
a way that might look passive, but it’s actually a choice showing her personal growth. It only seems
like a weak choice to those who don’t recognize that nonviolence takes greater courage and strength
than violence.

“Alexandra Leaving” by Leonard Cohen. I definitely knew this would be the song for the end of
Tommy Nightmare, and it’s probably the one I listened to most while writing that book. This song is
based on a poem by Constantine P. Cavafy, which is in turn based on a story by Plutarch, which says
that Marc Antony heard his patron god Dionysus abandoning him the night before he lost the city to
Octavian Caesar. The song is one of deep loss. I felt like Alexander had a very Dionysian character,
and the song’s portrayal of lost love in terms of ancient gods and epic wars seemed to resonate with
Jenny and Alexander’s relationship.

And that’s the soundtrack for Tommy Nightmare. We’ll do the Alexander soundtrack next Wednesday!

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Here's the schedule to check out the rest of the stops on the Paranormals Tour during Tommy Nightmare week!

Tommy Nightmare week:
Monday, October 24th - Reading in the Corner
Tuesday, October 25th - Books With Bite
Wednesday,October 26th - Paranormal Wastelands
Thursday, October 27th - Reading Angel
Friday, October 28st - About Happy Books

Until next time...

Mmmmm, I had BRAINS for Breakfast...: Guest post by Cassandra from Monkeycstars

Mmmm, I had BRAINS for Breakfast...

by Cassandra from Monkeycstars

Who knew they actually sell BRAINS at the supermarket???

NOT ME! and it's canned...

I knew nothing of this, until a friend (Marsha) told me about it. We had this great talk last night about being cannibals, eating human flesh, brains... As soon as I brought up my desire to try brains, Marsha told me that people actually eat brains and eggs for breakfast! I was on a mission.

I would hunt for BRAINS in the morning! Apparently, you really can buy canned "Pork Brains" at certain stores... I was determined to find it. I had to go to 5 different stores, but I got my brains @ Food Lion.

This entire crazy discussion stemmed from me reading a creepy, spectacular, AMAZING book called Inside the Outside by Martin Lastrapes. Everyone needs to grab it right now! Inside the Outside is about a girl named Timber who grew up in a cult as a cannibal.

From Goodreads...

By the time Timber Marlow is fifteen years old, she has already killed three men. Despite the bloody and violent nature of their deaths, Timber is hardly a murderer, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. She has lived her entire life as a cannibal within a cult tucked away in the San Bernardino Mountains called the Divinity of Feminine Reproach. The Divinity keeps itself isolated from the Outside, which is the mainstream society beyond its invisible borders. When the opportunity presents itself, Timber escapes into the Outside, bearing witness to some dark and unsettling truths about the world around her and the integral role she plays in it. But no matter how long she stays away, Timber finds out the past isn't as far away as she thinks it is. In this debut novel, laced with scenes of horrific violence and uplifting humanity, Martin Lastrapes has written a one-of-a-kind story about love, friendship, sacrifice and cannibalism.

For my review & a peek at the discussion I had with Marsha, click here
and for reviews by others posted on Goodreads, click here.

Buy Inside the Outside by Martin Lastrapes
Amazon paperback and Kindle
B&N paperback and NOOK

Find Martin Lastrapes
Goodreads: Author Profile

Since I was just a little girl, I've always wanted to taste the "gray matter". Who gave me this idea? Was it Indiana Jones or was it from hearing my dad talk about the time he had monkey brains while in the Army??? I don't know, but since I'm a ZOMBIE, I should have me some BRAINS! I can officially check that off the list. Now, for the human flesh part, do we have any volunteers?

Watch me prepare and eat my BRAINS...

Click here - I KIDNAPPED Martin Lastrapes!


mmmmm BRAAAIIIINNNNSSSS. Does a body good ;-)

Want more Cassandra? A second helping, perhaps?
We knew you would!
You can catch her on her blog @ Monkeycstars!