Because Greta Said So

Welcome to Because Greta Said So!!

What is this you may ask? Well for those of you who don't know Greta, I am truly sorry.
But for those of you who do you know that she is an amazingly opinionated, hilariously funny, piece of uber awesome! She tells it like it is, holding nothing back, and even in the most negative of situations she will leave you laughing. She is the soul purpose my poor compy as almost died due to a fruit loops shower. Seriously it burns when milk tries to come out your nose, and if you try to eat while reading her thoughts, this will undoubtedly happen to you too;)
Another thing you will learn about Greta is you do what she tells you to. Don't ask questions. Just shut up and do it. In the end you will be glad you did. She will never steer you wrong. Now she may steer you into some rather erotic, steamy, and dark places, but still she'll never steer you wrong.
So this is Because Greta Said So. Here you will find reviews of books, fanfics, pics, and whatever other awesome stuff she throws my way.

I will also try to keep you updated on the latest journey she is taking me on, so please feel free to come along! 

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