Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: The Fall

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday!
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This weeks teaser is from....

"Josh held the knife in both hands like a dagger and positioned it's tip above her right eye. The blade shimmered in the last rays of sunlight she would ever see. The eye beneath the tip bulged with either fear or hatred-the influence steering him didnt say which, and he got the feeling it really didn't care. " page 197

Are you scared yet?!

*hides behind Robert Duperre*


*gasps and realises Robert is the one who created this house of horrors so she jumps behind Greta*

*Greta give Darkfallen a sadistic grin revealing jagged teeth*

NOES!!! Help he has converted my Greta!

Yep that is pretty much what happens when you invite a zombie to dinner...they tend to get hungry for a little more then what's on the menu and wind up eating your friends...not pretty. lolz!
Sooooooo invite Robert Duperre to your next meal. Click HERE to win The Fall a long with the other 3 books in his collection! That's right, one lucky winner will get The Fall, Dead of Winter (book 2), Silas, & The Gates!

Bite ya next time...


  1. OOh interesting! Haven't heard of this one. Hope you enjoy the rest!

    Here's my Teaser

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. That is an AWESOME teaser!! Eeekkkk!

  3. Awesome teaser. Off to enter the giveaway.

  4. Very scary. I will have to look it up.

  5. nice teaser *hands over choc cake* thanks for the bday wishes chick. the early and te late ones lol. i got some man candy and he even asked me to get engaged.lol

  6. Sounds...nice *Wink* I like it :) Poor eye! That has a huge potential for hurt...