Sunday, October 2, 2011

Zombie Prom Edition/Exculsive Giveaway

Hey there guys and ghouls!!

Are you all dressed up with no place to go?

Do you need somewhere to show off your perfected zombie shuffle?

Wanna cuddle up on a spooky night with your vampire girl?

Ready to let the bats our of your hair and go grab some good grub?

Well then... do we have a place for you!

Why don't you just mosey on down to the Wastelands' for

That's right my little howlers!! Paranormal Wastelands is proud to present the Zompacolypse Prom!

Now get in line to get your picture taken!

Don't move or your bloodscara might run

Put on your best funeral dress to make sure you end up with that super stud

And try not to be a wallflower because we all know who they wind up with

But what Prom is complete with out a crowning of a king and queen?

Darkfallen: Don't I make the best Queen ever!! Just look how pretty I am...

Greta: Oh shut up! Everyone knows I'm the pretty one, and we are SO not using that picture of you! They came to see me! ME! ME! ME! ME!!!!

Nevermind the blood...Darkfallen had to be taught a lesson.

Darkfallen: OMG! You bit me!
Greta: Oh grow up. It was only a finger, you have 9 more. And besides... its just a flesh wound *winks*
Darkfallen: *scowls & slaps Greta*


Tim O'Rourke author of Vampire Shift just might be in the running for Zombie Prom King. He's tempting us with the most awesomest spookiest of things. And since us Zombies have no use for bribery baked goods, the zombie hobbit is willing to bribe his fellow Zompacolypse sock hoppers with a spooktastic story that you will only find EXCLUSIVELY here at the Wastelands.

(zombie hobbit)

That's right he wrote this story just for our fellow Wasteland zombies...because you're all so special!!

Greta: and because he thinks everyone will vote him king...

Darkfallen: And he will be, with me as his queen.

Greta: Are you insane? Like NUH-UH!! Hate to burst your bubble there CARRIE, but I'm the only one wearing the crown around here. *rolls eyes* *one eye gets stuck mid-roll*

Darkfallen: Didn't your momma ever tell you if you kept making that face it would stay that way? *laughs* Serves you right for biting my finger off.

Greta: HAH! Jokes on you!! I ate my Mama on my 12th birthday before she had time to bestill any beauty secrets...cuz I'm just so damn beautiful what more could she have taught me? BESIDES ---- URGs! Get over here and fix this damn thing!! I can't very well be queen with one eye stuck staring at the sky like this, it might scare my people.

Darkfallen: Scare your people? Have you looked in the mirror lately? The only place you still have skin is on your face, which is now covered in my blood. That eye is the least of your worries.

Greta: I'll have you know "bones" are very in right now. Skin is out. Don't hate me because I'm not a fashion Faux Pa like yourself ;) Anyways, you're just jealous because Tim thinks I'm perfect, ravishing, and unlike you he thinks I'm BREATHTAKING.

Tim: You are perfect my pet. Flesh is so very....DELICIOUS. *Drool -- And bones are sexy.

Darkfallen: LONG LIVE THE ZOMBIE HOBBIT KING! and me as his queen!

Greta: *grabs Tim by the waist and sticks what's left of her tongue out at Darkfallen*

Isn't he dreamy...

Tim: Ok THAT'S IT! Darkfallen get your hands off of Greta's hair and quit biting her ear! Greta! Stop trying to chew Darkfallen's leg off! I'm not playing you two!! If you don't stop then I am going to eat the both of you...and then I will be queen-less. Fat, but queen-less. No one wants a fat king without a queen.

Now where were we? Or right my bribing you with gifts...

Announcement from Zombie MC:

That's right my zombie pretties. while we tally up the votes make sure you snag your free gift. Its right by the eyeball punch and batwing cookies ;) YUM! And don't forget to save us the next dance!! I've been just DYING to do the Time Warp... again ;)

All you have to do to snag your copy of this spooktastic, short story, Paranormal Wastelands Exclusive - There are Tigers - is just fill out the form with your email address HERE!

Bite ya laters...

Wanna join the Zompacolypse hop? Want all the Wastelanders to trick or treat at your blog this Halloween? Then why don't you join the most awesome party around?! Details are Here but beware of the zombies!! Remember.... we warned ya -- muhahahahas!


  1. Thank you for the zombilicious fun today

  2. I can't even imagine how much work goes into creating these posts but thanks so much they are super fun to read.

  3. @Nicole-- It's comments like yours that make it all worth is!! Glad you ladies both enjoyed it and that's just the beginning of this months zombie fun!!

  4. YAYS!! Where's my date?

    Damn it Darkfallen!! Get your hands off him!

  5. I'll break you like a twig...MINE!!!