Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we just can't wait to get our sticky fingers on.

Title: Dearly, Departed
Author: Lia Habel
Published: October 18th 2011
Synopsis from Goodreads

Love can never die.

Love conquers all, so they say. But can Cupid’s arrow pierce the hearts of the living and the dead—or rather, the undead? Can a proper young Victorian lady find true love in the arms of a dashing zombie?

The year is 2195. The place is New Victoria—a high-tech nation modeled on the manners, mores, and fashions of an antique era. A teenager in high society, Nora Dearly is far more interested in military history and her country’s political unrest than in tea parties and debutante balls. But after her beloved parents die, Nora is left at the mercy of her domineering aunt, a social-climbing spendthrift who has squandered the family fortune, and now plans to marry her niece off for money. For Nora, no fate could be more horrible—until she’s nearly kidnapped by an army of walking corpses.

But fate is just getting started with Nora. Catapulted from her world of drawing-room civility, she’s suddenly gunning down ravenous zombies alongside mysterious black-clad commandos and confronting “The Laz,” a fatal virus that raises the dead—and hell along with them. Hardly ideal circumstances. Then Nora meets Bram Griswold, a young soldier who is brave, handsome, noble . . . and dead. But as is the case with the rest of his special undead unit, luck and modern science have enabled Bram to hold on to his mind, his manners, and his body parts. And when his bond of trust with Nora turns to tenderness, there’s no turning back. Eventually, they know, the disease will win, separating the star-crossed lovers forever. But until then, beating or not, their hearts will have what they desire.

In Dearly, Departed, steampunk meets romance meets walking-dead thriller, spawning a madly imaginative novel of rip-roaring adventure, spine-tingling suspense, and macabre comedy that forever redefines the concept of undying love.

We here at Paranormal Wastelands are super mondo excited about this book. I mean look at it!! A futuristic steampunk booky mixed with zombies... and it's a LOVE STORY... WITH A ZOMBIE!! EEE!! We might die!! (and join that zombie army!)

So, what do we say when a book has us considering a life as a zombie soldier?

Must have NOWS!
We needs it!!
We wants it!!
We can't lives without it!!

Now that you've heard what our CAN'T WAIT book is... What's yours? Drop us a comment so we can find out what has you on pins and needles.

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  1. I just got this one, and yes, it sounds so freaking good. It has so many things I love.

    Love of Books

  2. This definitely sounds like an awesome book, and it is filled with so many things.

  3. I really do have to read this some day. I'm a little wary of zombie romance (to me, zombies belong outside. And wanting brains. Oh well) but the promise of everything else just makes me want it.

  4. I'm waiting for this too, but didn't do it for WoW. Do you follow Habel on Twitter ? She cracks me up !

  5. Just got approved for the galley for this~ I can't wait to read it! Good choice!

    Demi @ Only Somewhat Queer

  6. Omigoodness. I want this book SO bad, which is weird 'cause zombies aren't really my thing. But maybe they're becoming my thing, 'cause Dearly, Departed has become one of my most anticipated books of 2011. In any case, I'll work all that out with myself... far, far away from your comment box.

    Fantastic pick ;)

    My WoW

  7. This is defintely on my TO-BUY list :) Awesome pick, I looove the cover too.

  8. That's totally awesome, guys. We picked the same book on the same week. :D I am so hyper for this book!!! I absolutely cannot wait to read it. This is the sort of book that is likely going to make me lose sleep the night it's released. Very, very excited!!

  9. I am dying to read this book! I've heard a lot of great things about this book, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting a copy. Great pick!

    Check out our WoW picks!

  10. This book sounds great! a nice pick.

    My WoW,

  11. Have been waiting for this one for a while and am so excited that it will be out next week. Great pick!

  12. Oh. I just reviewed this book yesterday on my blog. It's an excellent book. excellent wow choice. come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love. Old follower.

  13. Ooh this was a good one! Read it not too long ago! It's also available on Netgalley right now so if you want to request it and read it a week early or so you can!! Thought it was pretty cool!!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  14. This one does sound creepy-good...and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. I just got approved for this on NetGalley and cannot wait to start it. Great choice!
    Truly Bookish

  16. I'm really looking forward to read this, especially since I got an eGalley from NetGalley a few days ago! :)

    Great pick,
    Carina @ Fictional Distraction

  17. I really want to read this too. I think the setting sounds really cool.

  18. I'm so so excited for this one too!!! Sounds extraordinary! :)

    Confessions of the UnPublished!

  19. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have seen this on a few WoWs and it looks really good. I have added it to my wishlist! :)


  20. This one sounds FANTASTIC! Steampunk plus zombies? I'm so in! Great pick! Thanks for stopping by.

  21. I just got this on NetGalley, and it looks amazing. Zombies and Neo-Victorian!? Yup, my kind of book.

  22. Netgalley!?!?!? Gotta love it! I'm excited for this, plaus I'd heard its as good as it sounds!!!

    Here's mine: Goldilox and the Three Weres WOW

    Goldilox (Were Kitty!!!)

  23. I have this one and it looks awesome, so I have to say you have excellent taste in books. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by on the WoW hop!

    Sherri @ Urban Girl Reader

  24. I've seen this book all over the blogosphere. I must add it to my TBR list.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  25. The story looks so great and slightly different from the usual! And I LOVE the cover!

    happy reading,