Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bat Wings and a Movie with Robert Duperre: Giveaway

Greta and Darkfallen: Hello ROb!! And welcome to the Wastelands!!

Rob: Hey guys! Thanks for having me! Why's this place so dark, though?

Greta: Never mind that. It is most awesome of you to join us on movie night!! Darkfallen!! Prepare the bat cookies!!! OUr guest has arrived!! Chop chop!! I hope you like bat cookies. We were totally out of Puppy Dog tail popcorn so we had to improvise.

Darkfallen: What am I, your slave or something?

Greta: Uhhh yeah! It's your turn remember!! Now bring us the platter of bat cookies!

Rob: Sounds tasty! Oh, and DF, could you get me a beer or something?

Darkfallen: Sure. That's the last time I sign something without reading it. Rob, word to the wise. Don't sign anything Greta gives you without a lawyer.... she already owns half of my soul.

Rob: Wait a minute...why did she tell me I had to sign a waver before I came in? Does that mean...


Darkfallen: Oh, no.

Greta: Anyway, tonight we are going to be watching one of my favoite scary movies.... PET SEMETARY!!! YES!!

Rob: Excellent! That's a great flick!

Darkfallen: That's not what I rented

Greta: NO! I will not watch Constantine again, damn it!! YOU made me watch that last week! WE're watching Pet Semetary.

*Darkfallen wrestles Greta to the ground and stuffs bat cookie into her mouth.*

Rob: Uh, guys...

Darkfallen: As Greta was saying... tonight we will be watching Constantine. THe most awesome scary movie ever.

Greta: WHat? DUde! Matrix Boy doesn't hold a candle to Church the Cat.

Rob: I'm with Greta on this one. That movie kinda blows.

Darkfallen: Are you forgetting that Gavin is in this movie?

Greta: Oh right!! YEs!! Hobbit man meat!! RAWR!!!

Rob: ...

Darkfallen: Coolness!! So, Rob, pull up a chair...

Greta: HE can sit by me!!

Darkfallen: NO! HE can sit by me!

Rob: Um...girls, please don't fight....not over me, anyway...

Greta: Ooow!! Let's put him on the couch!!

Darkfallen: YES YES!! Come over here ROb

Rob: *grins sheepishly* Okay.

*both pat cushion in between the 'we're pretty sure they had their shots' girls*
Greta: SO, Rob, before we start our man fest horror movie.... which we're sure you're excited about .... we were curious ---

 What was your favorite scary movie as a kid?

I loved loved LOVED the Twilight Zone movie. You know, the one where Dan Ackroyd turns into a scary demon thingy in the last vignette and the gremlin on the plane? Yeah, that one. Well, I would sit there in the living room with my hands over my face, peeking between my fingers, trying to be brave enough to watch. All the while this was happening, mind you, my younger sister was beside me, poking fun at me for being such a coward. She was five at the time. Little meanie.

What scary movie scared you so much you were afraid to go to sleep?

It's an oldie, but Videodrome, this older flick with James Woods, scared the living hell out of me. It haunted my nightmares for weeks afterward. Really gross, too, which affects me even more than being scary sometimes.

What scary movie franchise (example: Nightmare on Elm Street) do you get uber excited about when a new one is about to come out?

Hm. Not really sure. I used to get all excited for Friday the 13th movies, because a friend and I had a little thing going where we'd break down cliches, body count, and method of killing, but that hasn't happened in a REALLY long time. So now, I'd have to say...probably none of them. Can't stand "Saw" after the first one. Hostel...same thing. However, there IS a new "THING" coming out...a prequel to John Carpenter's 1981 classic! And I"m SUPER FREAKING PUMPED about that!

How do you feel about modern horror movies?

Really, it's the same that they've always been. Some are good, most aren't. For example, "The Descent" is on my list of top-ten horror films of ALL TIME, and that just came out a few years ago. Also, I really, really want to see Guillermo Del Toro's "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark". So...yeah, horror movies have stayed pretty consistent over the least since the late sixties or so. But really, even the bad ones I love. There's just something about the genre that just draws me in. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I was so frightened by them so long ago and was made fun of for it...

Darkfallen: Shh shh! That's enough! THe movie's starting

Greta: Hello man-meat!!

Darkfallen: Pass the cookies!

Rob: Hey! Those aren't the cookies!

*both girls waggle eyebrows and giggle*

You can find out more about Robert and his books at his website:

Robert Duperee is offering Wastelanders an opportunity to win a set of his spooky books.

That's right, kids!! All four of his fabulous books!

We are talking a copy of Silas, The Fall, Dead of Winter, and The Gate !!

AND!! It's open to US and CANADA Wastelanders!!
Lemme here a whoop whoop!!

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  1. Mary DeBorde

    Seriously - this is one super sweet giveaway!!!
    I've been wanting to read this series sooooooo much, thank you for the opportunity to win :D

  2. The Fall sounds like a fantastically creepy take on zombies... and Puppy Dog tail popcorn just sounds wrong =P Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Girls, your interviews are a hoot! Keep up the great work.

  4. Chop Chop all our zombie minions...GET OUR GUEST A BEER!!!

    No Jasper put the brains back. Robert wants a beer, what is so hard about that?

    Urg! Sorry Rob...these zombies seem to have a one track mind. *shrugs*

  5. U named the zombie buttler, Jasper? LOLZ!!! I've been calling him Hanz! No wonder he wasn't coming when I called him

  6. No NO NO SILLY! Hanz is the doorman. However he keeps turning our guest into zombies before allowing them in. Which reminds me...did you pick up more brains like I asked? We are running a bit low.

    Anways I find that with Jasper it works best to get his attention if you put a plate of brains in front of a fan. The smell will bring him to you. The bell? Not so much.

    Also doesn't it strike you as slightly odd that Robert, even though Hanz turned him into a zombie, keeps drinkning all the beer? I mean beer in one hand, severed limb in the other...what kind of zombie drinks beer?!

  7. Terrific interview!! I LOVED Twilight Zone: The Movie and Descent!! Awesome movies! Thanks for an amazing giveaway, guys! You are the best, as always:)
    Oh, I clicked I Did It on the Twitter entry before I put my Twitter name in by accident. It is @jwitt33. Thanks and sorry :)

  8. I loved Constantine! Pet Cemetary scared me, too freaky (a chubby dead toddler trying to kill you!!)
    The books in the giveaway look amazing!!! Super cool author! Loved your chat with him.

  9. I think Rob might have Simpsombitus.... with a slight case of Homerinus. That has to be part of the beer/zombie phase. I'm sure it will pass.

    And ahh!! We're out of brains, again?!! I swear they go through those like baby puppies!

    Btw.... I keep forgetting to get more baby puppies. They were a big hit the other day. NOMS!

  10. What is it with them and the puppies? It's getting a bit out of control. I really miss Fido...and now all his brothers and sister. *sighs*

    Besides the hoard of zombie animals we have running around here is getting overwhelming. YOu know how hard it is to find Brain Chow? The last batch had to bought on the black market from some moturary at that mental hospital across town. I know the zombies like their undead pets, but I think we are going to have to cut them off.

    You hear that Jasper? Hans? NO MORE EATING THE PETS!! Especially the armidillos...those things were creepy enough when they were alive. And I am tired of them playng in my bathtube!

    Which reminds me...whatever one of you zombies decided to puke in my tube I'd appreciate it is you would go clean up the flesh chunks you left behind. And use bleach!

    *stares at the only zombie with a drinking problem*


  11. soo awesome i would love to read these , i have not read any of his books but loved your discussion and i am intruiged for sure


    staceyx at telus dot net



    And oh snap!! Those are armadillos!! I thought they were hairless cats!! I just figured they had spine problems or something.

    I agree... we need to control the zombie pet population. Maybe we should defang the zombies. I wonder if that would help?

  13. I love how fun and awesome your interviews are keep up the good work XD

  14. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and the great interview. I love reading interviews on your blog. :)

  15. Beer, severed limbs, puppy dog tails, book me, they all taste the same. Freaking delicious.

  16. *smacks Robert*

    Hey put that down!!! My elbow is NOT your chew toy!


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  20. Nah that's alright. We are actually getting quite fond of the little buggers...I mean flesh eaters;) lol

  21. The commentary is...CRAZY HILARIOUS!
    I'd love to win these books!

  22. Thank you for the fun tonight and for the awesome giveaway opportunity. My scariest movie has to be either Psycho or The Birds - they beat the pants off of Pet Cemetery LOL, but maybe not the cookies

  23. hello man meat *chuckles chuckles*
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  24. Seriously awesome giveaway. Adding to my TBR list

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Robert Duperee books and Halloween around the corner, a PERFECT MATCH!

  27. I love Constantine. haven't seen Pet Cemetery though I do have the book. Otherwise, great interview & giveaway. Thanks!