Monday, November 28, 2011

I Luv Halloween, #2

Title: I Luv Halloween, #2
Author: Keith Giffen
Artwork: Ben Roman
Published: 2006
Synopsis from Goodreads

Play Magazine's #1 Manga All your twisted favorites return, but this time they've brought along a few friends! The ghoulish Halloween adventures continue--but what's this? The town has been overrun with zombies! Will the undead take a bite out of trick-or-treating forever?!" Read it if you have a strong stomach and are just a little disturbed." -Dave Halverson, Play Magazine

What on earth was that?!!

Sounds like something you would say to your husband when you pass through the den as he's watching tv, right?

This book is exactly the same way.

Just like the one before this volume of "I Luv Halloween" is definitely targeted to those who love kids cutting up zombies, blowing up things, and killing people just to get out of sticky situations. (there's also a great deal of poo poo in this book, too)

While I enjoyed the first book more than this one, in this volume the zombies really have taken over and have now taken Halloween away and Finch and gang just won't stand for that. There's also a couple of new characters that are quite interesting and of course Moochie, Finch's little sister is back. This time she has traded in her toothfairy outfit for a surgeon costume. (I have to admit what she does is disgusting!)

Older kids (and by that I mean AT LEAST 15) would do fine with this book... and I'm sure kids as old as 13 would too but icks.... that's up to you if you want to let them read this. I for one am still a bit leary on letting my 9th grader read this series.

THere aren't any sexual exploits in this book but e-gads... MOOCHIE!! What Moochie does is what will make or break it for you in the decission on whether or not to let junior read this book.

(Moochie is convinced that there are Chonklit Monkeys eating poo pies in the zombies bums and she needs to cut out the pootie parts because they are -Unclean - )

Like I said... kinda gross... but still a great guilty pleasure.


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