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Chibi Vampire, Volume 5 (Karin #5)

Title: Chibi Vampire, Volume 5 (Karin #5)
Author: Yuna Kagesaki
Published: 2007
Synopsis from Goodreads

Karin continues to come to terms with her feelings for Kenta, but her flirting will have to be put on hold for now. Karin's grandmother is in town, and that's enough to put her entire family into a panic. Elda Marker is no silver-haired, cookie-baking matriarch. She's a hot and heavy vampire vixen with a taste for blood, but a distaste for everything else having to do with the human race. So how can Karin possibly tell her about her new human almost-sorta-not-quite-boyfriend? It's going to be one freaky family reunion that you're not going to want to miss! Also in this volume, get a glimpse into the Maaka/Marker family past in a side story that focuses on grandma and grandpa!

In this volume we meet an old member of the family.

If you look at the cover you'll probably think the exact same thing as me. That that is either Karin's cousin or maybe a besty or something. They look very similar.

But nopes... while its not a besty it IS a member of the family.... HOLY SNIKEYS!! that's her grandma!!

Grandma has been asleep for a long long time and well, Karin's mom put big boulders ontop of G-ma's coffin but that all changed when they had an earthquake and she was able to get out.

G-ma is really into REN which was kinda creepy because they look the same age and ahhh... she actually groped Karin's boobs and told her they were like big cantaloupe's bulging out of her collar. So, we are then led to believe that Karin got her boobles from her Mom (because G-ma is Henry's Dad)

An even weirder note is at the very back of the book it actually tells G-ma's and Karin's bra CUP size. I mean... why is that necessary? I figure someone has noticed this and bugged the artist about it so she must enjoy making fun of the fact that Karin's boobs are freaking HUGE!

Besides playing "Where did those boobs come from" we continue on with Kenta and Karin's "I really don't Love you" storyline when you know they do.
They have a cultural festival at school.
Henry and Calera's (Karin's mom and Dad) story of how they met is told
and Henry and Calera go to a vampire convention

It wasn't the best story line but I said that 2 books ago so that must mean the next one will be better. I'm really happy I checked a bunch of them out from the library. They're a fun easy read and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at the pictures :)

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