Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chibi Vampire, Volume 8 (Karin #8)

Title: Chibi Vampire, Volume 8 (Karin #8)
Author: Yuna Kagesaki
Published: 2008
Synopsis from Goodreads

After months of little romantic development, are Karin and Kenta ready to take the plunge? The young couple has finally started holding hands in public, so Maki forces the issue by setting up a zoo date. But crazy monkeys aren't their only obstacle as a romantic rival suddenly comes out of the woodwork! Will our favorite little vampire who couldn't have what it takes to keep her boyfriend from straying?

In this volume we get to go ahhhh a couple more times.

Maki does what any besty will do and asked Kenta if he liked liked Karin.

Apparently Kenta has led a kinda sheltered life or just doesn't think of girls in that way and is starting to realize "hey dummy! maybe I do like her" and when Maki gives them both tickets to the zoo on Valentine's day he *gasp* agrees and goes with Karin where they run away from poo throwing monkeys. It was most awesome.

A new character is in the story who I'm assuming is going to make the love triangle... cuz every story needs one of those to make it believable ;) HAHAHS! I don't think the author is too keen on it. She made fun of it in her author comic .... which was most awesome. The new girl's name is Yuriya and I kinda think she has a secret but they didn't go into much detail... just gave us enough to leave us guessing... Like maybe she's a werewolf or something.

OH! And this comic brought the funny back!! Squee!! Jokes are scattered all throughout this book and I really really enjoyed that.

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