Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chibi Vampire, Volume 7 (Karin #7)

Title: Chibi Vampire, Volume 7 (Karin #7)
Author: Yuna Kagesaki
Published: 2008
Synopsis from Goodreads

Her feelings laid bare, Karin must decide what to do after being rejected by Kenta. But lest you think we're headed for tragedy, know that there's hope for these two wayward lovers yet! For love is nothing if not rocky and often irrational, and one day's heartbreak could feed right into another day's bliss. For Karin and Kenta, it's always been love at first bite, and it just may be the bite of a certain little vampire that saves the day!

This volume is by far my most favorite right now.

We totally learn even more about Kenta and his estranged dad and where they are going to go from there. Kenta's Dad comes into the story and is looking for him and his mom. As is a detective that his grandma hired. Kenta's gma is a royal snob and we find out that she is basically the reason why the family never had a happily ever after. But there's a tad bit more to it that I didn't see coming.

As for Karin and Kenta updates omg... the next best thing to kissing happened and eeee!! a couple of nibble nibbles.

I felt the artwork in this was most awesome and I really really enjoyed the author's comic strip about how she wanted to murder editor. I love those little things at the end.

I'm looking forward to the next volume and hope with the nibble de nibble zomg will bring Karin and Kenta into a young love budding relationship that will make me go squee!!

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