Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chibi Vampire, Volume 3 (Karin #3)

Title: Chibi Vampire, Volume 3 (Karin #3)
Author: Yuna Kagesaki
Published: 2006
Synopsis from Goodreads

As Kenta helps Karin study for her school exam, the two start becoming closer. But when Maki catches sight of them and asks if they are going out, Karin protests! She needs time, especially when she feels like she's starting to overcome her blood issues around Kenta. But a new problem is about to surface...and the odor is enough to make a vampire run to daylight!

I'm still very much enjoying this series but this was probably more filler than the last 2 books. Hopefully that means the next book will be fantastic because we have the extra stuff out of the way.

We got to follow Kenta's mom around the LOVE HOTEL in this volume. As she folds sheets, drags an old school girl uniform out of the trash, and befriends a teenage run-away prostitute.

We also followed Anju to school where she found out where Boogy, her lost doll, had gone off to. OH! And there is a fantastic story that revolves around Boogy. I really enjoyed that. It was very impressive and original. It actually would make for an awesome book!

Karin is still trying to stay away from Kenta but his mom is starting to loose her mojo so it might be time to do the bite bite again. BUt oh noes! Ren is actually digging the back to her old self mom and is thinking about bite biting her just for himself.


I was pleased that there was more Ren action in this book and even though he was still close to ANJU it didn't give me that FORBIDDEN SPIDEY SENSE i had in the last volume.

THe problems I had with this book is well.. Karin's boobs have gotten bigger. Like what the duce happened?!! They look engourged and stuff!! I'm hoping the pop those sweater puppies in the next volume but I've seen the cover and I actually think they might even be BIGGHER! AHHS!

Also, there is some side boob drawing action. No nipplage but just be warned if you know... you have little ones reading it.

There's also a tad bit of cussing that seemed to be out of place in my opinion...but hey... I guess that's trendy.

All in all !! Nosebleeds are great and creepy dolls with knives are even better!

A great series!

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