Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chibi Vampire, Volume 6 (Karin #6)

Title: Chibi Vampire, Volume 6 (Karin #6)
Author: Yuna Kagesaki
Published: 2007
Synopsis from Goodreads

Karin's crush of Kenta may be finally be revealed. But things take a turn when Kenta's father seeks the whereabouts of Kenta and Karin with the assistance of a detective. A case of mistaken identity causes KarinĂ¢€™s most explosive nose bleed ever! Karin's crush continues but now it is a forbidden one.

In this volume we mainly focus on Ketna's mom and da da da..... the disappearance of Kenta's dad. So, we basically get a good idea of what happened to the family.

Kenta's Mom is starting to figure out the Kenta and Karin have feelings towards one another but those dang youngsters keep denying it. DANG IT!! Kiss her already!!

Not alot of REN in this one or ANJU. They come in from time to time but not a whole lot to comment on.

Karin's Mom and Dad learn how Kenta affects Karin and they forbid him to see her and also her to see him... which just means they totally want to see one another... or at least Karin does ;)

OH! And the ending is a freaking major cliffy which would have had me screaming if I had not already gotten the next book from the library.

***Recently, I went to Tokyo Pop's website and learned that.... TOKYO POP is no more. This saddens me. Apparently they closed up shop in LA in MAY and ahhhs... why am I always late to the party? I got on a message board that says GERMANY might continue to release the titles but it makes me wonder if they will be translated into English. I really hope they do!! If anyone has any information about this please let me know. I'm mighty curious and can't seem to find any answers that make sense.

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