Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcom to the Winners Circle: Forever Epic Edition!

Alrighty guys you now what time it is....

It's the time where another giveaway must come to and end...

And we tell ya who won the fantastical epicness, that is the Forever Prize Packs!!!

But first we would like to take one last minute to say goodbye to The Wolves Of Mercy Falls.

*Greta & Darkfallen both sniffles*

*fights over the box of tissues*

Good-bye Wolves of Mercy Falls!!
Sam, Grace, Beck, Paul, Urlik, Rachel, Olivia, Isobel, Cole, John, Jack (yes even Jack)....
We will truly miss you with all our heart, and will dream every night that Ms. Maggie will give us a novella here and there in the future...

*sighs & collapses on each other*

With that being said we would also like to leave you with one last thing before we announce the winners.

For those of you who spent the Waiting On Forever week with us you know we had songs for both Shiver & Linger.

Well now it is time for Forever to get a little music love. And since Sam & Grace have their role, and Cole & Isobel have theirs, it is only right that they BOTH get their own song.

Here is Greta's Pick for Sam & Grace...

And here is Darkfallen's pick for Cole & Isobel...

And now on to the winners!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Its been a howl of a good time!!

And Darkfallen got the chance to meet the awesome Maggie this week...wanna see pics and videos?
Click HERE!!

Until Next Time...

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  1. I completely missed this post!! Once again, thank you so much. I'm still so excited and I opened my mail 9 hours ago. :P