Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waiting on Forever - Day 4 - Our Forever Predictions

Are you on the edge of your seat?

Are you howling with anticipation?

Have you been told to calm down by your husband like a jillion times because it's only a book?

Well, you've come to the right place, then!

Because here at Paranormal Wastelands we can't WAIT for FOREVER to be released.

And in honor of our awesome skills of sitting on our hands, squirming a bit, and looking at the calendar to change to July 12th we have come up with a whole week of Wolves of Mercy Falls Extravaganza.

So, sit back my girly girls and enjoy!

~*~ What We Think will Happen in Forever ~*~

Have you read the back cover for Forever by Maggie Stiefvater?

NOES!! Don't tell us!!!

Cuz we totally haven't! Not at ALL! Well, as we write this post we haven't. Its probably pretty likely that Darkfallen has already gobble Forever up ;) Greta on the other hand is waiting till she can stand still long enough to read without being interrupted.

So, today we bring you what WE at Paranormal Wastelands believe will happen in Forever (written before either of us have read the book)

Darkfallen's Forever:
Sam is lost without Grace. Unable to find her since that day she shifted into her wolf and jumped out the window at the hospital. Now he is left to protect the pack, with no will to do anything but miss her, and Cole.

Cole who seems to have so much trouble staying the wolf he desperately needs to be. He needs to forget himself, lose himself to the beast, but he can’t seem to make it stick. Tired of always being the broken screw up he dives into his head, trying to find a cure. To give Sam some hope, to give someone something for a change instead of always taking. Maybe then he can have something for himself…Isabel.

Sam praying that he can find Grace. Praying for the shift of the warm summer to bring home his summer girl. For once he finds himself yearning for his wolf, at least then he could find her. You always want what you can’t have. But what is Grace doesn’t haven’t any summer’s in her. What if all those years of never shifting means now that she is a wolf she will never be human again…just like Sam can never be a wolf. Why does it feel like the world always pull them apart?

Sam will find himself at a crossroads. His choices are: Give up the war he has been fighting. The only life he has ever know...fighting to BE SAM not wolf, or to never have Grace. Because Grace can never be human again. The only way for Sam to be with her is as a wolf. So he will take the bite from Cole to re-join his wolf and live with his summer girl. Surrendering all that made Sam, SAM...forever

Greta's Forever:
I think Forever will be set in the future. Sam will be 25 and I guess that will make Grace 24 and they will still be hunting for a cure. Sam is still cured but trying to figure out ways to dodge the cold for Grace, who is falling more and more in love with the idea of staying a wolf forever.

Olivia will have been caught in wolf form and Cole's mad scientist Daddy's creepy (let's assume) laboratory will have been used for tests but in the process of not enough time and not enough trail runs they will have killed her.

In the end there will only be enough of the cure for one person. Grace looks at Sam. Sam knows that look. Knows the only way to promise her forever. And the cure is given to Cole.

But before Cole takes the cure he has to bite Sam. He has to give him the gift that he thought was a curse.

Grace and Sam shift into wolves to live out the rest of their forever days in the free form of the wolf while Cole and Isabel take over Beck's house just in case they ever come back and to keep the pack alive.

Now, that we've squeed you ours... if you don't know what's going to happen... Predict the future and tell us what you think will happen in Forever.

Random Fact # 4: Isabel and Jack moved to Mercy Falls from California.
(Yes there will be a test on this later *winks*)

HEY!! And make sure you stop by Paranormal Wastelands on July 12th for a review and an EPIC ONE OF A KIND GIVEAWAY that will be full of all sorts of Squees, Howls, and OMGS! *hints* Pay attention to the random facts for xtra points!!

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