Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waiting on Forever-Day 3-Shiver/Linger Squee Edition

Are you on the edge of your seat?

Are you howling with anticipation?

Have you been told to calm down by your husband like a jillion times because it's only a book?

Well, you've come to the right place, then!

Because here at Paranormal Wastelands we can't WAIT for FOREVER to be released.

And in honor of our awesome skills of sitting on our hands, squirming a bit, and looking at the calendar to change to June 12th we have come up with a whole week of Wolves of Mercy Falls Extravaganza.

So, sit back my girly girls and enjoy!

In Day 3 of Waiting On Forever we have hooked up with The Bewitched Bookworms to offer our SQUEES on the first of the two books.

If you haven't read the books it is possible you won't have a clue what's going on. But I assure you that is OK. This will just amp you up even more to read the books that have Darkfallen and Greta going SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE!

~~ Darkfallen's Shiver Squee ~~

This was my first wolfy book, and OMG RAWR!! I'm never going back. Vampires?
 Vampires who?
I'm sorry I only speak wolf now;)

This book filled with quiet book store stares behind yellow eyes that make you shiver every time you think about them is simply awesome in the purest form.

Grace and her tire swing reads wolf obsessions make you love her. Want to hug her. Give her anything she asks for and more for no other reason than she deserves it.

One page after the next you find yourself lost in their world...hoping against hope that you'll stay that way. With the crunch of dying leaves under your paws, and warm fur under you palms.

You find yourself dreaming of boys with lemon jolly rancher eyes and what it would be like to be him. To shed your skin to the cold for a winter coat of fur, forest, and hunting.

Start wondering things like...just how illegal is it to have a pet wolf? And if I had one could I convince him to eat something other than live prey? Even though you know it wouldn't be the same because it wouldn't be Sam, you'll take what you can get at this point.

Finding yourself breathless at stolen midnight kisses. And hidden hand squeezes under rumpled covers. Remembering the excitement of cuddling when you were that young and in love.

With broken windshield shatter soundtrack's the floor falls out of you chest, and breathless as taken on a whole new meaning entirely.

Then in the end you find yourself gripping the sterile counter top of a free clinic praying to anyone who will listen that this doesn't end the way you think it will, because your heart won't take it. It can't take it. And now your crying....wiping tears from my face I grab Linger and dive in...

~~ Greta's Linger Squee ~~

Super duper most awesome squees!!

I freaking lovers Linger!! Its full of RAWRS, orange flavored kisses, fisted t-shirts shrugs, sweatpant thighs, rock-n-roll hair, omg gasping deer, and GREEN INK!!

Unfinished song lyrics, summer girls in the spring, neck pinches, chest pounding, heart throbbing, closed eyes finished with an open squee. I mean seriously, can I say anymore?

Onstage broken rock stars, Ice Queen who start to melt, Old time diners that smell like yesterday, hospital beds laying empty as you wear you emotions on your sleeve.

Knock out drag out bruising cheeks, sneaking in when you should be out, left behind only to turn around and sigh.... EEEEEEEEE!! WHat else can I say? I freaking LOVE this book!!!!!!

Indie band cover art, drumkit magazine, adventures in wonderland where wonderland sleeps, WOLF WOLF WOLF !

This book made me want a boyfriend all over again. A young edition of John Mayer because that's how I see Sam. Don't judge me!! LOLZ

Yeah yeah yeah.. I know.. I'm married and all... But remember how everything felt when it was new? Remember the fluttering of your heartbeat and the holding of your breath whenever he walked into a room. OH SQUEES! This book brought back all those memories... and made me look at youtube videos of how to fold paper cranes. Maybe I can subliminally talk my husband into learning how to fold them without figuring out exactly what I'm doing. I want my thousand paper cranes, damn it!!

I loved the suspense of this book, the hidden secrets behind closed doors, and the intense emotion of it all. It felt like I was listening to my favorite cd instead of reading a book. Absolutely amazing with whipped cream, cherry tomatoes, and watermelon sprinkles on top!

All I can say is WOLF WOLF WOLF MORE!! The wait for FOREVER is going to kill me. I know its not far off now but it's freaking going to KILL ME!!!

And kids... I cried during this one. That should make you all squee ;)

Join us back here tomorrow!! There is way more FOREVER SQUEES to be had!!

Random Fact # 3: Sam takes Grace to a candy store in Duluth. He buys her peppermint hot chocolate and buttercreams.

HEY!! And make sure you stop by Paranormal Wastelands on July 12th for a review and an EPIC ONE OF A KIND GIVEAWAY that will be full of all sorts of Squees, Howls, and OMGS! *hints* Pay attention to the random facts for xtra points!!


  1. Hi new follower :) I'm right there with you, I LOVE these books! Sam & Grace are so perfect *sigh*.

  2. I need to read Shiver... Get on the ball with this series!!! LOL