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Crafting a Herion:Guest Post by Toni Lo Tempio

Crafting a Heroine
Guest Post by Author Toni LoTempio
Hi, I’m Toni LoTempio, author of the paranormal romantic suspense novels

Today I thought I’d speak about crafting a heroine.

What goes into that, some of you might wonder?
Well, I’m not particularly fond of the old Harlequin stereotype, the maiden in distress rescued by the handsome hunk hero.
You mean you don't like this guy?

Darkfallen: I think I just puked a little...
Greta: No way dude! That chick is really into him touching her shoulders. Cuz look at that thigh action she's giving herself. She's all like 'YEAH BABY! Rub my shoulders and I'll show you where the Nair goes.

Probably because I like mysteries and grew up weaned on Nancy Drew.
I like my heroines to have a bit of spunk
(no, can that – a LOT of spunk)
and a backbone – although they do get a bit mushy when their Prince comes along LOL

you mean like this...

or maybe more like this...
Greta: Ummmm why is Darkfallen diving into her girl porn folder? I see what you're doing!!
Darkfallen: I wanna be her when I grow up!

In No Rest for the Wicca, Morgan Hawkes is a “ghost whisperer” meaning she can talk to spirits who haven’t yet departed this plane. She also has a lot of voodoo knowledge thanks to her father, some of which didn’t serve her in good stead when she was a Homicide detective – so now she’ a bit leery of trusting her abilities. Her guilt over her partner’s death has also made her a bit –crotchety, shall we say?
And then enter Cole St. John. This Inheritor Vampire knows just what buttons to push on her to get a response,and to let her open up and expose her feelings. Yes, by the end of the book they’re madly in love (of course) but it was a journey for them to get to that point.
Ditto Raven Grace, the heroine of RAVEN’S KISS. A college senior, she had high expectations of a career in law enforcement, until a demon’s bite turned her into a Shapeshifter. Now a member of the Recovery – an organization who keeps the peace between humanity and errant Others – Raven’s motivated by a need for revenge on the demon who turned her. However, unknown to her, the demon had a hidden agenda, which she finds out when she makes the leap into parallel time – and meets up with a fiery, redheaded Scotsman who’s just as stubborn and opinionated as she is.

Instant love?

But eventually the two of them get together – because in the end, they’re good for each other – and isn’t that what it’s all about, really?
When I wrote the outline for these two strong women , I confess, I put a bit of myself into them – after all, they are my creations, how could I not?
Although I would hope I might not be as snarky or defensive as Raven or Morgan seem to appear sometimes, they both do have one thing in common: underneath their gruff exteriors beats a heart of gold – someone who would go that extra mile for someone they truly loved.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my characters, and I hope you’ll read Raven and Wicca and also feel free to stop by my website: or my (andRocco’s) blog: to find out more about coming events!

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And we wanna give Toni a BIG thank you for stopping by to hang out with us today!!

Hope you all enjoyed her....we know we did;)

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