Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eat, Prey, Love

Title: Eat, Prey, Love
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Published: 2010
Synopsis from Goodreads

Wanted: Bride. Must love children. Mortals need not apply.

Carlos Panterra is looking for a mate, a woman who will love and care for the young orphans he's recently taken under his wing (or paw, as the case may be). When the shape shifter spies the beautiful Caitlyn, it's like sunshine amidst the darkness. At last, he's found the perfect woman, except . . .

Caitlyn Whelan is mortal. Worse, her father is the head of a CIA agency bent on hunting the undead. Still, Caitlyn knows that Carlos is the man for her, shape shifter or not. So she jumps at the chance when her sister offers her a job to work with him, determined to show Carlos their attraction is more than just animal magnetism. But danger lurks in the night, and their unleashed, untamed passion might just get them both killed . . .


That was fun!!

Have you been stuck in a rut reading only dramatical stuffy romances?

Need something that will improve your mood and get your laughing?

Well, then do I have the book for you!

When I first looked at the cover for "Eat, Prey, Love" I seriously thought it was going to be all dramatic and maybe a bit stuffy but the cover looked hawt enough to read.
(Note: Greta will judge a book by its cover)

After reading a chapter I came to the realization that it was funny.

With lines like:

"Yo, dudette." A tall
man filled the doorway, grinning at Caitlyn. He was dressed in khaki pants and a
navy polo shirt. "Welcome to the hood. I'm Phineas McKinney, aka Dr. Phang."

you know you can't take this book with too much seriousness.

It was a really fun read.

It starts out with a woman named Caitlyn on her way to her nephew's birthday party. She has never met her nephew, who is turning 4, and hasn't seen her sister in six years. She comes to find out that her sister married a vampire and the party is full of weres and shifters along with vampy poos. At the party she meets a mysterious man who she just falls head over heals for.

We learn that Caitlyn's Dad cut off all ties from Shanna (the sister) because she possesses psychic abilities and Daddy wasn't able to control her (he also has psychic powers). Daddy also works for an organization that kills bad vampires.... but wouldn't you know it? Shanna's husband ALSO works for and organization that kills bad vampires but this one is run by the paranormal.

Caitlyn has an interesting ability. She isn't psychic, can't read minds, and doesn't have x-ray vision. She has the ability to speak and understand any language out there. Neat, huh?

This would be very useful for the Shanna's husband's organization. They offer Caitlyn the job and after some thought she totally agrees to join them.

Back to the Mystery Man.... His name is Carlos and is a were-panther. His race is on the verge of extinction and needs to find a mate, STAT! The only thing is... since his race is on the verge of extinction he desperately needs to find another were-panther to share a litter box with him.

But guess what? He has the hots for Caitlyn but oh RATS..... shouldn't act on them because he needs to have kittens not humans :)

Like I said... it's really fun and REALLY easy to read. I enjoyed every minute of it.

If you're looking for a book with paranormal humor then this one is for you ;)


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