Sunday, July 31, 2011

Darkfallen meets Maggie Steifvator! Wanna see?

Ok so its' no secret that us girls here at Paranormal Wastelands LOVE...

LOVE... some Maggie!
Welps I am soooooo super stoked that I got to meet her this week and I can tell you she is even more awesome in person!
A little something you should know about me....when I am around famous people I get so nervous I've been known to lose my lunch.
It's not rational, this I know. I mean they are just people for GAWDS sake....but still
Try telling my nerves that;)
So I am very happy to report that I met Maggie, and I didn't puke on her!
Although I was literally shaking like a leaf. So much so Maggie tried to tell me she was actually her evil twin sister in attempt to calm me didn't work.

But I thought I would share some video footage of the event as well as some pics!
So even thought you couldn't make will feel like you were there.

See I love ya'll so much I just can't let you miss this stuff ;)
WARNING: The videos you are about to watch may cause uncontrollable laughter. I suggest you proceed with cation, and preferably, for the health of your comp and you, without food or drink in your mouth. We would hate to make you choke, or spray you poor computer with a mouthful of orange soda *winks*
This is where Maggie learns that Linger made it on the New York Times best seller list!

(sorry you have to follow the link, blogger is rebelling against video uploads apparently...I've tried it every way possible.)

This is the story of when Maggie visits Zultan the Wolf man, a guy in Hungary that trains wolfs for movies. Please not that we learned that Maggie was basically thrown in a pen with over 20 wolves, and 3 different packs, unto which at one point 1 wolf won the privilege to sit next to her and stick his tongue in her mouth....she doesn't recommend the tongue part. GRITTY

And lastly this is what Maggie has to say about Cole St. Clair, as well as a little of the Q&A session. The end about bagpipes his hilarious!

And now for some pics of the event and A VERY VERY shaking in her converse Darkfallen...
Yep that's right...two copies of Scorpio Races were right within my reach. However I am sad to report I didn't win it:(

And this is our bag-o-goodies for Maggie

Here Maggie opens her goodies and even models the hat Greta made for her:)
And YES I WAS SHAKING SOOOOO BAD!! This is the part where Maggie tried to convince me she wasn't actually Maggie Steifvator in effort to stop my trembling...

 To my suprise she was parked only 2 spots from me!!

 So yes I took my pic with her car too!

Look at the wolfy she drew for like 2.5 seconds! This women is gifted, no other word for it;)

Welps that was my amazing night!
Hope you enjoyed:)



  1. OMG! You found her car!! YES!! That is most awesome!! I'm glad you had a blast and thank you so much for my shivery book!! LOVES IT!!

  2. Hahaha her car and my car we basically conversating! And by "conversating" I mean my car was yelling over the car parked in between them, trying to get Loci's attetion