Friday, March 9, 2012

Kenya Wright chats up Fire Baptized

Recenently, I read Kenya Wright's "Fire Baptized". All I can say is it was most awesome! And it got me to thinking.... What do these characters look like? If they were to be in a movie, who would play their parts?

Kenya has a way of drawing you into her books as you fall in love with her characters. I just kept wanting more.

So, I asked her... Who are these characters I fell in love with in "Fire Baptized"? When I dream of Zulu... who do I need to be dreaming of?

Thanks so much Greta for having me on!

When I wrote Fire Baptized, there were defiantly several actors and actresses that flashed in my mind. Here’s my casting of the main characters in the book. I have provided a small bio of each character. I held back information on some characters since it is revealed later in the story.

Movie Cast for FIRE BAPTIZED

LANORE: Kerry Washington
Lanore is a Mixbreed which means her parents are from different supernatural species. She can control and create fire, but she hides this power and only reveals it during emergencies. She is also senior in college, and will be the first Mixbreed to graduate from the university.

MESHACK: Jason Momoa
MeShack is a Were-cheetah. His mother was Iranian. His father was African. He is the lead singer of the band Mahogany Groove, a pre-med major, and a member of the Kappa Sigma Que fraternity.

ZULU: Chris Hemsworth
Zulu is a Mixbreed. He founded the Mixbreed for Equality organization that is supported by Mixbreeds and Rebel Shapeshifters.

DANTE: Eduardo Verastegui
Dante is a 250 year old Vampire. He’s the head of the Bottelli family and has a large cross burned into the left side of his face. Nevertheless, he’s known as the habitat’s biggest playboy.

NONA:Gina Carano
Nona is the leader of the Rebels. She’s a Were-dog and when in animal form resembles a massive pitbull.

RAY: Joe Pantoliano
Ray is a Spriggan which is a type of Fairy. Pre-habitat years he served as a guard for The Royal Fairy Court.

Thank you so much Kenya for stopping by the Wastelands. And zomg!! Thor is Zulu? Can I get a RAWR RAWR?!!

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