Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

Title: Bad Kitty Meets the Baby
Author: Nick Bruel
Published: 2011
Synopsis from Goodreads

Kitty's owners are home with a big surprise for Kitty. But what is it? Kitty, reeling in horror, thinks it’s a . . . dog. The neighbor cats are convinced it’s a cat. But we all know that it’s really a BABY!

With Nick Bruel’s trademark mix of antic humor (this time involving a Kitty game show and the Kitty Olympics—which the baby wins hands down), riotous illustrations, total mayhem, and Uncle Murray Fun Facts, this may be the funniest Kitty book yet, and the one that hits closest to home.

Bad Kitty has met her match!

But is she another kitty?

She sure does seem to act like one.

All this new kitty does is eat, sleep, cry, and poop.

But that's not a kitty!

That's a baby!!!

All the other neighborhood kitties seem to think the new face around the house is a kitty.

She even won all the events at the Kitty Olympics.

But it's not a kitty!! It's a baby!!!

Bad Kitty is confused.

Bad Kitty doesn't really like the baby.

Until Bad Kitty finds out that she's adopted just like her.

Then Bad Kitty wants to protect the baby from getting a dreaded... BATH!!

This is a really cute story. Not as funny as the other Bad Kitty books but I think this would be a great read if you child is adopted. They could see that Bad Kitty was too and that might make them feel better. My Mom was adopted and she told me that my grandma used to read her kids books about it. I think this would have been a great one to add to their collection.

All in all... Love the artwork, love the story, and Love Bad Kitty!

Greta Kitty fact:
When my son was born we had a cat named socks. Socks did not like the new baby. He thought that the baby WAS another kitty and would hiss and hiss at him. Then after a couple of weeks, Socks got used to the baby. Whenever the baby would cry he would be the first on in the room with his paws draped over the crib waiting for me to come get the baby. I always felt that Socks considered the baby his. But unlike Bad Kitty.... Socks didn't mind if the baby got a bath. He just always wanted to help.

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