Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bad Kitty for President

Title: Bad Kitty for President
Author: Nick Bruel
Published: January 2012
Synopsis from Goodreads:

The votes are in--it's a Bad Kitty landslide! It's time to elect a new president of the Neighborhood Cat Coalition! Who will win the election? The candidate chosen by the kitties on the right side of the street or the candidate chosed by the kitties on the left side of the street? When election time rolls around, one candidate (guess who?) will discover that she never bothered to register to vote and the entire election will be decided by a surprise, last minute absentee ballot sent by Old Kitty.

Bad Kitty is running for President!!

Well, not the kind you are thinking of.

He has no interest with running the nation... just the neighborhood.

It's that time of year again! Time to cast our ballots, wear patriotic hats, and kiss a ton of babies.

That's actually how the cats pick their nominees and Bad Kitty wants in on the action!

Actually, she just wants to run the stray cats out of the neighborhood.

My kitties can sympothize. They too hate it when stray kitties walk past thier window!! They both wouldn't mind having the power to have slingshot stray cats into the next neighborhood.

I found this book not to be as funny as the rest. While it is educational I was hoping for a bit more.

I think this would be a great book for grade-school teachers to read to their class this fall.

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