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Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, #1)

Title: Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, #1)
Author: Dean Koontz &
Kevin J. Anderson
Published: 2005
Synopsis from Goodreads:

Every city has secrets. But none as terrible as this. His name is Deucalion, a tattooed man of mysterious origin, a sleight-of-reality artist who’s traveled the centuries with a secret worse than death. He arrives as a serial killer stalks the streets, a killer who carefully selects his victims for the humanity that is missing in himself. Detective Carson O’Connor is cool, cynical, and every bit as tough as she looks. Her partner Michael Maddison would back her up all the way to Hell itself–and that just may be where this case ends up. For the no-nonsense O’Connor is suddenly talking about an ages-old conspiracy, a near immortal race of beings, and killers that are more—and less—than human. Soon it will be clear that as crazy as she sounds, the truth is even more ominous. For their quarry isn’t merely a homicidal maniac—but his deranged maker.

This book was awesome!!

I mean super freaking awesome with meatballs on top and spaghetti sauce running down the sides!

Too awesome for food references ;) !!!

I've never read a Dean Koontz book and let's just say that now I'm a changed girl. I have seen the error in my ways and let's just say.... I'm going to probably become a Koontz fanatic. Because this man can WRITE!!

I've always been leery about Koontz. Isn't it cheating on Stephen King if I read a Koontz novel? Won't I be changing sides? Doesn't Koontz write old people stuff that only my Dad would like?

Why on earth did I think this way?

That's right ladies and gentleman.... I WAS WRONG!

So, why did I read this book?

Over the holidays I read Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. I became a little obsessed with it and was trying to figure out a proper way to modernize it. Because let's face it folks.... The monster needs a face lift!

I stumbled over two books. One was YA (and I tried it and hated it) and one was this book/series.

I must admit when I started this book, I didn't think I was going to be able to handle it. For one reason: It's about two detectives trying to crack a murder case. Let's just say that I don't watch CSI, Law and Order, or Car 54. I get bored with stuff like that (usually).

Second: There are a ton of characters!! I'm talking every chapter is told from the pov of a different person. It was like reading a soap opera.

But after a few chapters I realized.... THIS IS AS ADDICTING AS A SOAP OPERA !!

Yes sir re bobby!! You will start to pick favorite characters and after their chapter you realize that you can't wait for them to come back and tell you what's happening next in their life. Just plain... FABULOUS!!

Victor Frankenstein was real. He fo shizzle dizzle did create a monster 200 years.

200 years ago?

So, isn't everyone dead?

No... you see... it's hard to kill a monster.

But what about Victor?

Well, he's figured out a way to only age 5 years in the past 200. Let's just say that he cracked the code for Botox.

The monster now has a name. He goes by Deucalion and lives over in Tibet with a band of monks. One day he gets a letter from a friend in New Orleans and after saying "OMG!" he has to return because..... someone who should be dead totally isn't.

From there we meet all the characters.

The detectives - Carson and Michael
The madman - Roy
The doctor himself - Victor Frankenstein
Victor's wife - Erika
The puzzle guy - Randell

And a cast of secondary players:
The therapist: Kathy
Carson's brother: Arnie
Arnie's caretaker: Vicky
The priest: Father Duchaine
The runaway: Allwine

There is more but you get the idea ;)

I know it seems like a lot to keep up, and like I said, at first it is. But the way everyone links up with each other is amazing. It truly is a fascinating story and a great modernization of a cult classic.

Do you have to read the original?
You don't have to be a Frankenstein fan to enjoy this book. You don't even have to have read "Frankenstein" to understand what's going on. Everything is explained.

Guys or Girls?
I believe that even husbands will enjoy this book. I kept telling mine that he should read it. It's told in such a way that no matter what sex you are, you should enjoy it.

What about the kids?
This is up to the parent. There are scenes of gore (which should come to no surprise) but nothing that would scar a 13 year old. But, on the other hand, there is some talk about sexuality and sexual situations that might make junior ask questions that you aren't ready to answer. I say read it first and then decide.

This is now a new favorite of mine. The characters were very clever and imaginative. I loved Michael's sense of humor and the way Randell thought. Definitely a new spin on a book that needed the cobwebs brushed off. Honestly, I wish my library was open right now so I could get the next book.

Go get it!!

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  1. Koontz was my first grown up author love. As a child I hated horror movies but the around puberty I started to read Koontz before I settled into the romance genre.

    I still read Koontz from time to time. I originally thought this was a trilogy (and read the three) but then I thought I saw that there is a 4th in the series. I'll have to check on GR.

    Great review!