Friday, June 10, 2011

Steampunkery Giveaway Winner Announcement!!

WoW we had sooooo many entries for this!
Thanks again to everyone of our followers. You are all most awesome!!

But as you know it's time,
And has spoken...

So without further ado would you all please raise your teacups in the air,
pinkies up,
Greta drum roll please?

Woot Woot!!
Congratulations Lily!!

A special thanks to Gail Carriger for not only being the awesome person she is for providing us with this awesometastic giveaway...
But also for all the hilarious antic dotes, snarky Italian women, sexy Scottish werewolf's, maniacal lady bugs, John Elton esque vamps, treacle tart, and hot tea!
It is for you, Gail Carriger that I am a Steampunker...and intend to stay that:))
Like my glassicles?
I look HOT right?

*Greta tackles Darkfallen to the floor*

Get your hands OFF my glassicles!!!!
*yells GET YOUR OWN*

I thought you said you would share...
*gives puppy dog eyes*

Fine just take em!
*storms out of the room*

*dances around the living room*

Until Next Time....


  1. Congrats to the winner!!!

    (#mentalnote: try to be more random next time)

  2. HAHAHAHAS yes Nym....more random;)

  3. in future (because if I were British, I wouldn't put "the" in between) I will try to change my #randomfail into #randomsucceed! ;)