Thursday, June 30, 2011

Angel of Vengeance

Title: Angel of Vengeance: The Novel that Inspired the TV Show Moonlight
Author: Trevor Munson
Published: 2011
Synopsis from Goodreads

The novel that inspired the TV series Moonlight puts a twist on the classic Dracula vampire tale and blends it with Chandler hardboiled P.I. detective fiction.

LA-based P.I. and vampire Mick Angel has been hired by a beautiful red-headed burlesque dancer to find her missing sister. But the apparently simple case of a teenage runaway is soon complicated by drug dealers, persistent cops, murder, and Mick’s own past. Mick must learn the hard way what every vampire should know - nothing stays buried for ever, especially not the past.

This book was FANGTASTIC!!

Finally! Something that is so awesome I want to sick my teeth so deeply into it that I come back with a fang missing just because I just didn't want to give it up.

You don't have to be a Moonlight Fan to enjoy this story. No sir re bobby! You don't even need to know what Moonlight is to enjoy it. It explains everything perfectly.

While this book is based on the series it was actually written before the series and just recently published.

Like all books and shows they both have their differences.

A major one is in the book Mick is a whole lot darker, wears a fedora, chain smokes, was a smack addict in the past, he has to be invited inside a house to do hypnotic things to people, he can't go out in the sunlight at all, and only takes his blood by a needle (usually).

I remember Mick shooting up a couple times but I also remember him drinking it from a cup. Am I wrong about that?

There is no Josef, (waaaaaa!) or any other side characters from the show (like the Cleaner or that video game vampire dude, or that morgue guy) but Coraline (who is Mick's love interest in the past and transforms him into a vampire in the show) is mentioned a lot in flashbacks about how Mick became a vampire. (and it's not the story you think)

Now, BETH (Mick's love interest in the show) is hinted at but again... not like you think. I really hope that these books are continued because THAT would have to be the next book.

The book:

We journey into the world of vampire P.I. Mick Angel. He takes on a case involving a missing 14 year old girl. Throughout the story we meet a variety of people and in a Pulp Fiction kind of way it will make you want to read the book twice just so you can catch on to little tidbits you might have missed in the beginning.

I seriously loved it. Like I said... it's a lot darker than the series but that's what made it so awesome. I also enjoyed that this was written by a man. (gasp!) You could tell he really wanted to give Mick a MAN'S MAN feel and not a "I want to know you feelings" kinda vampire feel (not that anything is bad about vampire feelings. I love them too.).

I think MEN would enjoy this book and if the series had been done the way the book had been done then I think that more men would have been in the audience.

I definitely recommend this book. It's a quick read but well worth it. I bet I'll read it again and again.


  1. AWESOME!!! I really need to read this. I loved Moonlight...and was so pissed when it went b ye bye:(

  2. I definitely could do with a little bit of Mick since they canceled what was my favorite show at the time! Thanks so much for telling me about this book - now I can get my Mick fix!!