Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bloggerhood of the Traveling Book Tour: Winter's Shadow Edition

Welcome to the
of the
Traveling Book!
Winter's Shadow Edition...

What is the Bloggerhood of the traveling book?
Glad you asked!!

Sometimes there is that book, that one beautiful book, that you can't wait to get your hands on...
You get all school girl Squee about it and then...
You realize that it isn't being release in your country:(

This makes us sad pandas here at Paranormal Wastelands:(((

Well we have the answer!!!!!
Whenever possible, if we get our hands on one of these much anticipated international booky wooks, we put it on tour!
We are all about sharing the love and it is SO much fun!

I know you have heard of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?
Well there is NO way a pair of pants would fit all of us!

Can you imagine all of us bloggers trying to wear the same pants?
That would be a bit claustrophobic! lolz

But a book on the other hand...that would work;)

So first let me introduce you to this amazing book!
Compliments of Pan Macmillan Australia...
All the way from Australia...

Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

Blake Duchamp...

He's all that Winter Adams can think of. Ever since their fateful meeting at Pilgrim's Lament. Ever since he looked at her with those emerald eyes. Ever since he saved her life.

But Blake isn't all that he seems. There is a strangeness about him, something dark and otherworldly. Something dangerous. In his attic is a secret he would kill to defend, but Winter seems to have a special ability to make him forget his duty. And he is her only protection against the gathering darkness.

The only problem is, to protect Winter, Blake must risk exposing her to an even greater danger. Himself.

I for one CAN'T wait to start reading this book!!
It sounds soooooo good:)

So what do you have to do to get a chance to read this awesome Aussie wonderment?

Here are the rules:

1.) This is open for US residents primarily, however if there is a large demand for the book in the UK or Canada I will be willing to send it your way after the US tour!
(at the bottom of this post there will be a entry form for US and one for UK/Canada)
(You asked, we listened!! This tour is now open to Canada & Europe! See update below)

2.) Everyone will be responsible for the shipping cost to ship it to the next person on the list via United States Postal Service.
(This is why we are keeping it US bound at first to keep the cost of shipping down for all participants. If the book goes international I will ship it and pay for that myself)(Also it seems shipping cost is typically around $5 in the US)

3.) Each person will have 1 week to read the book before they pass it on to the next person. Once you are ready to pass it on please email me here: to receive the address for the next location!
(for privacy purposes I will not send a list around with all the address on it. Just email when your done for the next location and I will email that person to let them know it is on it's way!)

4.) Once you have written your review of the book please email me the link where the review can be seen. I will be passing this info on to the publisher once the tour is complete! I will also add your link to my review post so you'll get some blog traffic!
(i.e. link to your blog post, goodreads, library thing, amazon, barnes & noble..)
(Also not ness, but if you can mention in your review that M.J. Hearle is currently looking for a US publisher that would be nice. Who knows maybe a publisher will read your review and pick him up!)

5.) And last but not least...have some fun with! Before sending the book on it's way to the next person sign it! Put your name/blog title, and your location so we can see everywhere the book went in the end! It will be like a book passport;)

Ok so there seems to be some confusion. So first I would like to clear that up!
You do NOT have to have your own blog to participate in this event. All that we ask is that you have a Goodreads or Library Thing account, or a blog, or both! Just as long as you have an outlet to right your review and a send us a link to your review when your done. Easy Peasy. No Man left behind!

UPDATE # 2!!!
Due to the demand for this book by my Canadian wastelanders Winter's Shadow WILL be traveling to Canada! WOOT WOOT!! So far I haven't had anyone from Europe sign up but it's still open so please feel free. I am also trying to see if I can get my hands on another copy of the book due to the overwhelming amount over participants we have. If I can get a second copy I will start that one in Canada first thing, but in case I don't get another copy please be will come I promise;)

UPDATE # 3!!!!
I just spoke with the fantastic people at Pan Macmillan AU and the ARE sending me more copies for this event!! Which means soooo many great things. The greatest being that Winter's Shadow WILL be heading over to Europe. So all my fellow European wastelanders I hope to see ya on the tour sign up sheet, and I can't wait to see where all this book goes! (I've always wanted to go to Scotland, how cool would it be if Winter's Shadow got to go there!) Also having more copies available means it will get to you faster. As soon as they hit my mailbox I'm running them to the post office and sending them out!
And finally but certainly NOT least....everyone who participants in this even will automatically be entered for a chance to win a SIGNED copy of Winter's Shadow from M.J. Hearle! And when the time comes for the giveaway you can enter again...which means you will get double the chance to win!!
And of course there will be a giveaway in the end! Someone will win a signed copy of the book!!

So can I get a Squee Squee!?!?!

If you are US bound sign up HERE!!
If you are Uk or Canada bound sign up HERE!!

I am so exctied to see where all this book travels to!
And again a special thanks to Pan Macmillan AU for giving us the chance to have a little slice of Aussie!

Until Next time....


  1. What about other international readers from Europe?

  2. Good question! Lolz sign up on the UK form...if we get enough people from your country I will send it over! Where are you from, and at risk of sounding dumb what other places are easy to ship to from your location?

  3. I'm from Germany. I guess it would be easy enough to ship to other EU-countries.

  4. Sweet! And I would think shipping cost are prolly pretty reasonable from one EU to the other. I mean the distance between Scottland and London is about the same as the distance between me and Texas her in the States;)

    I say absoutely sign up!

  5. What an awesome idea!! I love the idea of signing the book so you can see where it traveled! I hope that I can be a part of this :)

  6. Julie you are in the UK right? Or Canada? I forget;)

    I definately encourage people internationally to sign up! I have a feeling that we will be able to send the book over there. I personally have NO problem paying the shipping cost to get it there, it's more about the recipiant paying the cost to ship it to the next person but I'm guessing that bc Europe is a small continent in comparison to the US that shipping from say Germany to London would cost about the same as shipping from New York to California.

    Again I am just guessing here...

    But Julie I have seen that you signed up and I have decided that I WILL be sending the book out of the US once the US tour is done. So it will make it to you;) Just know that in the end it has to get shipped back home which from the UK i think is roughly $13 usd...i think. lolz

    I will be shipping a few books to the UK and to Canada tomorrow so I will find out;)

  7. OMG, I'm so joining you. I want to read this one and I love reading books from other countries. How awesome!


    So it is currently on it's way to Mayrland right now!

    Also I wanted to say that this tour WILL be going to Canada after the US tour. Maybe sonner if I can get my hands on another copy;) We have had quite a few peeps form Canada sign up and I don't want to leave anyone out!

  9. Awesome idea...but I don't have a blog :(

  10. @Brittany- you don't have to had a blog. You can write a review on Goodreads or Library Thing if you have that!

  11. Tanya from Massachusetts and I received Winter's Shadow in the mail today.

  12. That's awesome!! I just started it and it's amazing. I can't put it down!!!

  13. Ok everyone I just wanted to keep ya posted...ya know how some books you REALLY want to read, then you get your hands on it and it suckles? Yea around here we call that a flop. So there was always a shadow of doubt in the back of my mind that maybe this would be the case here.....NOT!!!

    THIS BOOK IS SO GREAT. LIKE IN A COMPLETELY PERFECT KIND OF WAY. LIKE EVEN GRETA IS GONNA LOVE THIS KINDA WAY for those of you who know Greta you know this is no easy feat, and if she approves then it's one of the best books ever written LIKE I'M ALMOST DONE AND I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHEN I'LL BE ABLE TO RE-READ IT BC I DON'T WANT IT TO END GODD!!!

  14. Oh yea in case I lost ya...did I mention that this book is beyond loveable?

  15. Hi, does P.R. count as US? The price for shipping here is the same as in the states because we are technically a part of US and use the USPS. I would like to know because I would love to be a part of this book tour.

    My Cute Bookshelf

  16. Ya know I was wondering about shipping to P.R for that same reason! But since it is the same cost then YES absolutely sign up. We would love to see ya on the tour!!

  17. Ok thank you so much! I will! :D


  18. Oh my gosh. I have been wanting to get my hands on this book and I'm so excited! Signed up for the US. Thank you! :)

    Dani @

  19. Melinda here. Received the book today and can't wait to get started. I will let you know when I finish. With the 4th around the corner, it may take me a bit longer than 2 days, especially to get it in the mail and on its way. Again, will let you know when I finish. Thanks for pulling all this together!

  20. First MA now KS woot woot!!

    And dude seriously don't worry about the 2 days! That's just how long it took me. Actually if you count only the time I spent reading it was more like 6hours, but I'm superhuman speed reader. You know the saying "it's as good as gone?" Yea that's me with books;) that's why I say everyone has a week bc I know that my reading is borderline freakish, or so I've been told. Lolz

  21. Hey Darkfallen! Did the book make it to its next destination? I haven't seen a new post, but then maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Snicker!

  22. The book have made it to TX on Saturday! But I haven't received word from that person yet:( But I just sent another email so I'm sure we will hear something soon. Who knows may e she is away on vacation or something? *shrugs*

    But I did drop another copy in the mail to start the canada tour!!

  23. I just got home from my cousin's wedding on Sunday night (had to travel back to my hometown, 3 hours away) and found the book waiting on my doorstep here in GA! :)

  24. Hope you had fun at the wedding! Winter's Shadow is now in GA!!!

    Woot Woot
    Oh YAY!!

  25. Ok everyone Winter's Shadow has finally made it into Canada....Qu├ębec, Canada to be exact!

    Woot Woot!!

  26. Hey guys! It's Tuesday the 2nd and Winter's Shadow has made it to Troy located in Upstate New York. That's just outside of our capital city Albany.

  27. That's super awesome!!! Hey can I come stay with you Megs? It is far to HOT where I'm at;)

  28. Oh Meg don't tell me that! Me and Greta are literally melting here. Yesterday it was 116 with the heat index in St.Louis and 103 in Alabama. This mondo sucks!

  29. Well, you're the goofball that lives in the south! Come up to NY. Our heat wave is over for the moment. Today it was in the mid 80's.

  30. Hey there!

    Just to let you know that the made it to Montreal, QC! Can't wait to start it! :o)

  31. Sweet LOVIN look at Winter go!! I wish I was rich, and could take a vacation, and go everywhere Winter went. That would be awesome!!

    And it would prolly scare people when I showed up at their door to deliver the book and then told them that I was going to take up residence on their couch until they were ready to ship it off to the next person. Lolz

  32. No problems i got an extra room in my appartment AND a/c lol But i'm a fast reader so your vacation won't be long :P I'm already halfway through the book and it's truly amazing

  33. So glad your liking it! And yes yes a/c is a must!

  34. I finished the book last night! I really like it and i can't wait for the sequel! You should do a travelling book for the other one as well! I will do my review this weekend and send you the link. I also send you an email to now the next location! :o)

  35. Good evening everyone, I just got the book last night and i am in Worcester, MA. I will be reading it tomorrow and sending it on its way!

  36. I got the book here in Tennessee yesterday and I am gonna start it tonight!

  37. I received the book last night in Guelph, Ontario. I've started reading it!

  38. I've got my review up!

  39. Hi, Darkfallen! It's Julie from Ohio and I got my copy last night! I'm starting it today! I have a 27 year old daughter who I live with and she would like to read it, too, if that is okay. She would like to sign her name on it too, because she thinks it's an awesome idea :) Let me know if this is okay.
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  40. Hey I just received the book this morning, and I'm from Leicester in the U.K!! :)

  41. got it in California. loved it and ready to pass it on ;-D

  42. Got it in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada and loved it and ready to pass it on. K :o) Sept. 27, 2011

  43. I have it in NC, will read it in the next few days and pass it on :) Can't wait to read it!

  44. I just received the book in the mail today here in Michigan! I'm looking forward to reading it! Thanks!

  45. just got this in the mail today! ditching studying for finals to dig right in to this :)