Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In a rush to the party

I'm such a bad friend.

I really am.

At the last minute I had to run out to the grocery store....

It's not that I was out of milk or needed fly paper.

No, none of that at all.

I totally forgot to pick up a birthday card!!

I had the cake, I remembered the ice cream, but that dang card totally slipped my mind.

So, I went through all of them and finally decided.

I uber suck at picking out cards.

It was a toss up between an old woman and a cigar or a beefcake and a g-string

Old people always win ;)

Happy Birthday Darkfallen!!!!

May you blow out your candles without spitting on the icing ;)



Omg Omg Omg Omg....

Squee Squee Squeee!!!

Look what I got for my Birthday!!!

Isn't she the CUTEST THING YOU EVER SAW!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooo much Greta
I swear I love this women;)


  1. great card...and so true. :( LOL


    I loves it...thanky thanky Greta...but one must know, how did you pull this off without me knowing?

    How I love my sneaky sneaky friend;)

  3. SHe was sooooooooooo cute I had to share her awesomness with the world so here she is!!!!

    Love ya girl;)

  4. LOLZ! Cools!! You got her up there ;)

  5. Hell yes I do!! She rocks and I need to make everyone else jealous;)

    And guess what....this comment is coming from the iPhone!!! YAY blogger has fixed itself:)))

  6. YAYS! I'm glad your iphone is working again!