Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Parasol Protectant Series Giveway!!

I have some huge news.....


Of the EPIC proportions!!

There once was a girl that only read paranormal YA.
*coughs Darkfallen coughs*
 Then one day a very special Pushy Fox decided to journey into an unknown world. Over at Bewitched Bookworms she asked the fine followers about the wonderment that is Steampunk. I too had never heard of this genre, but love punk music, so me and Pushy, hand in hand, road of into the sunset of the Victorian era!
(yes I am NOW aware that Steampunk & Punk music couldn't have less to do with each other...lolz)

Taking the advice of those fine followers of theirs we started with

Before I knew it I was hooked!
I devoured the first 3 books in the series before poor Pushy could even finish Soulless.

It's truly not her fault. When something is good I tend to read with super human speed.
I guess in a way you could say that I am sorta supernatural in that way;)

I mean just look at those covers!!
Too read more about my full journey into this amazing world of vampires, Scottish werewolves, preternaturals, maniacal lady bugs, deranged scientist, brass octopus, and of course TEA...please check out this post below:)

But now on to the good part shall we!!

With the upcoming release of Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate 4)
Which is set to release on July 1st 2011.
Pre-order your copy today at Amazon, B&N, or your local indie today!!

We are giving away not ONE, but ALL 3 books!!!

That's right one lucky winner will win a copy of:


but wait theres more....

The books will also be personalized & signed by the magnificent Gail Carriger!!

Can I get a Squee Squee!!!
Told you it was going to be epic;)

What do you have to do you might ask?
Well that's easy!

1.) This contest is open to only the U.S....sorry my out of the county homies:(
2.) If your not already a follower then join us will ya;) In other words you must be a follower!
3.) And of course we give extra points for sharing, so please tweet for an extra entry:)
4.) Oh yea and leaving a comment on this post will also earn ya extra points, so drop us a line!
4.) And last but certainly most important fill out the entry form here!
This giveaway will run from June 2nd 2011 till June 9th @ 8pm!!

So what are you waiting for? Come, jump into this magical world....the waters warm;)


  1. SQUEE!!! SQUEE!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome and you guys are rock-stars for doing it! Good luck to all the contestants!

  2. good luck to everyone!!! Wow is it bad that I am going to be green with envy over the follower that wins this?!?


  3. Sounds awesome!! Glad I found your blog and thanks for the opportunity!


  4. I am in! I tweet and signed up and cannot wait to have all this much fun... Books are my life.

  5. I'm not here to enter the comp. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my TT.

  6. OH MY GAWSH! thank you so much for this chance to win!!!
    I lost all of my books in a house fire last year, and have been dying DYING without them. would LOVE if you picked me for these books home♥♥♥ Thank you so very much for this chance! I didn't realize how much my books meant to me until they were gone :(
    so thank you thank you thank you for this amazing chance to win these♥

  7. SQUEEE!!! I just entered!!!--I've been hearing about this series FORever, and then I went to a book convention in April and got the 3rd now I've been wondering what would happen if I read them out of order...So then I saw your giveaway, and was like, "they read my mind; I can win the contest and not have to read the books out of order!" but then I read @tfalick's post^ and she has a much sadder story, so maybe she should win :( --But best of luck to everyone!!! :D

  8. @Nym ~ Oh girl DON'T read these out of'll be soooo lost!

    Good Luck to everyone!! The winner will be choosen via It will be my first time using random. I normally just pull a name out of a hat but OMG there would be WAY to many names for this one. I would get carpel tunnel trying to write them all down. lolz

  9. thanks for the great giveaway...i followed a blog tour and find you by i check back just cannot get rid of me...i love your reviews...great fun and more excitement than most blogs....

    Chele Blades
    (blogger still won't let me post unless i am anonymous

  10. Amazing book series, I've wanted a signed trio so that I can donate my first three to the local library.

  11. @Darkenfallen, I hearby promise to not read them out of order!!!

    And am glad to hear will be preventing you from getting writer's cramp!!!--Plus, randomness just makes things more fun!!! :D

    although, now that I think about it; don't you think it would be *more* random if it were random.chaos instead of or they could randomly change their name every day, for extra randomness...except then they might be *TOO* random and no one would have any way of knowing it was them, so probably best they stick with! ;)

  12. @Nym---ROFLMFAO!!! Random.chaos! That's perfect. But OMG if they changed their domain everyday. I would be SOOOOO lost. I mean my attention span and patients, or lack there of, would cause rage induced laptop throwing fits everytime I had to track randoms ass down;) lolz

  13. :D Yes, actual randomness seems too complicated--I mean you probably couldn't even count on them to change their name *every* day, because then, that would be predictable, thus defying the laws of randomness...

    ditto lack of patients/attention span--appears to be one of those cases where it's best to leave well-enough alone. ;)

  14. I'm soooooo excited! I just entered! Woo Hoo! There's nothing more thrilling than reading a book that has been signed by tthe author! It's send a chill down my spine just thinking about it! I want to WIN!!!

  15. Ooooh! I've been wanting to read this series for a while now. Hope I win. Soo excited!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Whoo-hooo! I love the Parasol Protectorate series! Thank you! Am tweeting now (AimeeSea)!

  17. I read these from the library I'd love to have them to read anytime I want :)

  18. I have not read a single Steampunk novel before but I will be totally honest, covers for these types of books are AMAZING! They are so beautiful and wonderful. I would absolutely LOVE to win this series!

  19. Totally exciting, I've been looking for these, they sound great and I can't wait to try! Thanks!!! My fingers are crossed!

  20. You can definitely get a "squee squee"!!!! I have been wanting to read these novels for soo long!!


  21. Woot! I read the first in this series and loved it! Aren't the covers awesome?? Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  22. Amazing giveaway -- thank you so much!!

  23. I want these books SO bad!!! I really, really need to further my education into steampunk and this would do great! Thanks for this totally awesome giveaway:)
    jwitt33 at live dot com