Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My entry for 'It's a Wolves of Mercy Falls art contest'!

Hello all.. and MAGGIE MAGGIE MAGGIE!!

The Shiver Lady is hosting a fan art contest to win a most awesome arc.

What is that arc?

Uhh... duhs? Why it's FOREVER!!

ferret yes!

In order to win such mondo lovely arc the rules to her contest state that one must create fan art to relate to "The Wolves of Mercy Falls"

This is my entry in the competition.

I present to you the hat that I knitted all by myself for the contest.

It is made from Vanna White yarn (snazzy) and fun fur (fuzzy).

The hat took about a week to construct and and countless hours of convincing my cats that it was not their new toy.

Fingers crossed and good luck to all the contestants.

You can see all the rules and info about the contest by going to the Shiver Lady's website.


  1. That is a great hat! Good luck to you!

  2. Nuh uh! No you di'n't!!!!--GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?! I went to a knitting class last night and learned how to knit!!!! I want to make an awesome hat now!!!!--But so far I've only made a small rectangle--which is still pretty awesome!!! Good luck on your contest!!!--I hope you win!!!! :)

  3. Squees! That's great that you went to a knitting class. When you learnt ot knit in the round you hit me up and I'll email you this pattern. It's basically the Kitty 69 Hat with bigger ears, minus the flaps, and fun fur ;) Sqa-wees! I'm so proud of you!!

  4. Squees back at ya!!!! *CONGRATS* on winning!!!!! You totally rock!!!! And you *totally* deserve it!!!

    I'm going to try and take another class or two of knitting--Our teacher was super nice--I think the class is going to do a social in a couple weeks, just for fun and practice, and then after that, there's a class on reading patterns--so maybe between the two of them, I can see about knitting in the round!!!! :)

    I'll be sure to keep you posted!!!

    Congrats again on your awesome win!!!! :)

  5. I just started Shiver last night and while I'm slowly getting into it, it's nice to see that someone is enjoying the last book as it seems most of the reviews that I've read weren't fond of the way the series ended which made me hesitant to start it.

  6. My husband is reading Shiver too. IT's taking him a while to get into is also.

    I enjoyed how it ended but it's more of a LOVE IT or HATE IT kind of ending ;)

    I hope you fall in love with Sam and Grace!

    Happy reading!