Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Lothaire!! What do you have on under there?

Hello all!!

Are you an Immortals After Dark fan like me? Are you just bursting with anticipation to find out what Lothaire's cover is going to look like? I know I am!!

The cover is going to be revealed on Tuesday on Kresley's Facebook Page but I simply can't wait that long. What will it look like.

There's a lot of possibilities.

This is the direction I think the cover should go in.

I mean... it's Lothaire! I don't expect him to be as beefy as Aiden or as rippling as Malkom (down girl!! Ok Darkfallen! I'm ready for you to throw cold water on my like you promised!!)

I think he's going to be our leanest character but to me that's going to be super duper sexy!! I'm soo looking forward to the cover!!

Tell me ladies, what do you think Lothaire has going on under there? I'd love to hear what everyone thinks.


  1. OMG ok girl...I might get in trouble just buy visiting my own blog!!!
    Everytime the page loads ....ummmm....*growls* I just wanna lick him!!!!

    Oh you know which one I'm talking bout;)

  2. Seriously, KC wanrs to get us killed!! The book will be released only next YEAR! How will I live till then???

    Amazing blog, I'm a new follower!

    Nat @ Reading Romances
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