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The Blue Mirror by Kathe Koja

by Kathe Koja
Published November 2nd 2006 by Puffin
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

3.82 of 5 stars3.82 of 5 stars3.82 of 5 stars3.82 of 5 stars3.82 of 5 stars3.82 · rating details · 186 ratings · 30 reviews
Some guys are bad news...Sixteen-year-old Maggy's life consists of trying to be invisible at school, taking care of her alcoholic mother, and spending all the time she can at the Blue Mirror, a downtown cafeacute;. She can lose herself there for hours with a cappuccino and her sketchbook, in which she creates a paper world she calls "The Blue Mirror." But everything changes when she meets Cole, a charismatic runaway. Maggy is intrigued by Cole's risky life on the streets and by the girls who follow him, childlike Jouly and strange Marianne. And when Cole says that he loves her, Maggy comes alive. As Maggy becomes more entwined with Cole and she looks at him with all her heart, she sees something far more dangerous than she may be capable of handling. In poetic and evocative language, Kathe Koja draws us into the haunting, passionate world of The Blue Mirror.
A befuddled Darkfallen review of chaios:
Darkfallen's review
2 of 5 stars

I don't' really know how to rate this times I wanted to give it 4 stars, at other 2, so in the end lets roll with 2.5? lolz

I bet you can already guess since I can't even decide how to rate this book that my review will be equally all over the place;) So ummmm just hang on tight and we will try to make it through this together.

In my experience there are books you love, books you hate, and books that were just *shrugs*. Well now there is a new kind to add to that list. Books that leave you confused....
Here I found myself falling head over heels, then landing in a dark ally.
 Walking around befuddled,
 hitting my head a few times, tripping over a dumpster,
 Then the sun comes back out, the birds start singing, life is good again.
 Then after going through all that out of no where I'm smacked in to face with a bat,
 left standing in the middle of a busy intersection, once again befuddled....and very very cold...

I mean Maggie is awesome. I love her and how she deals with her less than stellar life. Having to play the parent to her drunk of a mother. Worrying if today is the day that she will come home to find the house burnt down because drunko passed out with yet another cigarette in her hand. Getting lost in her own world inside her sketch book.

I even love the idea of Cole. Who at this point I'm not even quite sure what he is, but I'm gonna go with some kind of male succubus. Does that make him an incubus? Yea I don't know but once you read this, if you do, and you figure it out PLEASE come knock on my door and tell me!! I mean at the end of this story I still didn't get what he was. Or more importantly what was the lesson here. The relevance of this story escapes me.

Also the best way to describe the writing style is poetic gymnastics, or maybe a lyrical marathon of sorts. As for my feelings on that....much of the same, at times it was genius, at others it was forced and confusing leading me right back to befuddled.

Have I left you feeling befuddled at how many time I used the befuddled? LOLZ Well then maybe you know how this book left me feeling...

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  1. Look at all the pictures!! NICE!!!

    Awesome review!! And now it sits on my nightstand just to be critisized some more ;) Muhahahahahahs!!

    But I uber loves the cover! LOVES IT!! And the size is just so awesome that I seriously can't wait to read it!