Monday, May 23, 2011

Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook

By: Debbie Stoller
Published: 2004
Synopsis from Goodreads

Knitting is hot, with 4 million newcomers in the last few years joining a core group of 38,000,000 knitters nationwide. And these are primarily young, creative, connected chicks with sticks who are coming together in living rooms, knitting cafes, and chic yarn stores, and making everything from funky hats to bikinis.

In Stitch 'n Bitch, Debbie Stoller-founder of the first Stitch 'n Bitch knitting group in New York City-covers every aspect of knitting and the knitting-together lifestyle: the how-to, the when-to, the what-to, the why-to. Writing with wit and attitude (The Knitty-Gritty, Blocking for Blockheads), she explains the different types of needles and yarns (and sheep, too) and all the techniques from basic to fancy, knit to purl to cast-off. She also shares her special brand of corrective surgery for when things go wrong, and offers fun and informative sidebars on such topics as how to find the best yarn for less, how to make a buttonhole, knitting etiquette, and what tools to keep in your knitting bag. At the heart of the book are forty stylish patterns: Alien Scarf, Big Bad Baby Blanky, Mohair Hoodie, Kitty and Devil Hat, Cell Phone Cozy, and Wonder Woman Bikini. And for anyone interested: how to start a Stitch 'n Bitch group.

I learned how to knit in 2004. I have to admit I wasn't very good.

It all started with me taking a knitting class at Michaels. There I learned how to do the basic knit stitch, how to cast on, and was intorduced to the most wonderful book.

"Stitch 'N Bitch" was what made me want to knit. The easy to follow directions, awesome illustrations, and just too cute patterns are to die for. Team that up with Knitting Help's website (not associated with Stitch 'N Bitch) I was a knitting machine after just a few months.

I know I know... Knitting is such a grandma hobby!

That's so UNTRUE!!'

Knitting can be sexy!!

This is by far my favorite "HOW TO" knitting book.

If you are interested in learning how to get your knit on I totally reccommend this book.

So, I learned a hobby from a book... Have you?


  1. This book sounds like a great way to learn! And seriously it even has "bitch" in the title!! Most Awesome:))

  2. LOLZ!

    I Recommend going to too... but this book is great to have in your knitting bag when you need a refresher on M1 and 3 needle bindoffs ;)

    HAHAS! Did I just speak Greek to you?

    Did you see how talented I am? SNORT! I can knit with kitties by my side... well, I guess that means my cats are talented. Felix is of the opinion that he needs to be by my side whenever knitting... so everything I knit is loaded with cat hair ;)

  3. Ummmm yes Greek, Latin, Indonesian, it was something but sure not English! Lolz

    And of course the kitty stalks you...your playing with YAWN!! That Felix's toy and he is making sure you don't ruin it;)

  4. LOLZ! Its actually LUCKY that I have to watch. He's a very bad boy when I knit. He's actually run off with a couple of things and has chewed my using yarn in two pieces. Very bad boy! He's gotten a little better with age but I still don't trust him lolz

  5. OMG--have I told you guys that I LOVE you!!!--Seriously, you are always so FULL of AWESOME!!! :D

    You don't know how many times I have gone into the bookstore and ogled this book!!!--But I never got it, because it is my shameful secret that I don't know how to knit. Every once and a while I try, and get *thisclose* but don't quite get I tried crocheting, and got *slightlycloser*, but eventually had to concede to my masterful embroidery skill being my only old-timey skill that I can show off to people.

  6. This book is totally what taught me :) I also took a class at Michael's which led me in the right direction and has tons of videos that show you step by step what to do :)

  7. I don't know...I mean it looks completely awesome and everything...but do you really think it could teach me, too???--Here's me:
    Two needles, two hands, one skein of yarn, one book. I take one needle and wrap the yarn around it, like in the picture. Then I insert the 2nd needle through the yarn, lift, or do some over/under thingy, and re-wrap the yarn. Repeatxhowevever many loops/rows I'm doing. Switch sides. Get completely confused about where my empty needle is supposed to pick up the rows on the other side. Forget how many rows I've done. Can't distinguish one where one row/loop ends from another. Lose my spot. Lose count. Yarn completely unravels. Lose hope. Think about yelling and throwing things, except not wanting to pick things up later, so I just sulk, and stare at it confusedly, waiting for understanding to come to me and seep into my knowledge-absorbing-source. :(

    I tried looking at my local Michael's for classes, but they only had classes on how to make yarn pom-pons and duct tape wallets. But I've moved since, so I will see if my new Michael's has some classes, maybe?

  8. Hahahahas Nym honey that's's me:

    There I sit, book proped up in front of me, yarn in my lap, needles in my hand, wondering when I'm going to grow that 3rd and 4th hand that I so desperately need, there's some stabbing, some wraping, a cat approaches, decides to show me what he thinks I should be doing with the yarn, there's a struggle to the death, me vs. the cat, out of no where I'm blindsided, Ziggy has sent out the bat signal, Sammy approaches, the cats have that crazy look in their eyes, I scream "Greta!!!! Help!!!! I'm too young to die!!!!" .....

    Newspaper headline reads...
    Some found dead today inside a Florissant home on the 1200 block of Washington. It was a gruesome scene to say the least. The murder weapon appears to be knitting needles. Police say they found the women, on the couch, with the needles pertruding from both eye sockets, the women's hands appeared to be tangled up in her own hair, there appears to have been a struggle but no sign or forced entry on the scene. Also doesn't appear to be that anything was stolen. The only things out of place is the fact that she was knitting but doesn't appear to have yarn anywhere, and there are litter boxes in the basement but no cats to be found.

  9. I used to get confused about my working needle too. What you can do is buy these circle things (Markers in the knit section) and slide it back and forth on your working needle.

    Another cool thing that you can do (And I did this) is you buy some needle protectors (they look like nipples for you needles lolz.. they keep your stuff on your needle when you aren't working) and make one LEFT and one Right. That helped me out in the beginning too. You'll only have to do stuff like that in the beginning. It gets easier.

    If you go to there are some FABULOUS videos that help people out and if you join the forum you can ask questions about how to get started. There are always people willing to help.

    I would say the book totally led me in the right direction but the web site helped me more. I am thrilled that I got the book though. It has certainly served me well. I keep it in my knitting bag at all times.

    I would give it a shot. Try a dishcloth first. THat's just a simple square. There's no way to muck it up even if it comes out as a hexagon ;) Practice is the biggest thing that will help you :)

  10. LOLZ! It took me a very long time to learn how to knit with cats ;) But it can be done ;) Felix will lay with me while I knit but Lucky on the other hand is a freaking tiger.

  11. Wow, ok, so no knitting kitties. Sorry Mr. Jingles. (s/he is somebody else's cat that our neighbor likes to feed, which keeps him coming back for more. Also, s/he is equipped with a bell to notify passersby of his existence and need for love, hence I have thus dubbed him/her Mr. Jingles).

    LOVE the knitting nipple idea! lol, that's the only way I can think of them now!--I've seen them before, but now it makes a lot more sense--And I think I might actually have some of the row counters--I had just never gotten far enough to use them before! I will totally check out the videos--I WANT WANT WANT this book!!!!

    Oh, don't know how I forgot this...but I have some of the yarn looms--the circle ones for hats are super quick and easy.--They look knitted, but it's really more like weaving.

    Somewhere I got it in my mind that I really REALLY *NEED* to make a hat with a faux-hawk.

    And ear-flaps.

    But mainly a faux-hawk.

  12. Hahahas yes a faux hawk hat, sweet!

  13. If you just want to make a hat ;) YOu can actually get one of those knitting looms. I don't know how you would put earflaps on with it but I know you can make hats with them. HECK! I heard people make socks on them! I have yet to figure out how they do that. But I assure you ;) If I can knit then anyone can ;) Its mondo easy :)

    LOLZ! Before I got my row counter I had a notebook full of little indian lines. I'm soo much happier with my clicker counter (I don't recommended the one you attach to your needles. THose things bother me ... but that's just me)