Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we just can't wait to get our sticky fingers on.

This week the book we are most excited about is "Forbidden" by Tabitha Suzma

Sixteen-year-old Maya and seventeen-year-old Lochan have never had the chance to be 'normal' teenagers. Having pulled together for years to take care of their younger siblings while their wayward, drunken mother leaves them to fend alone, they have become much more than brother and sister. And now, they have fallen in love. But this is a love that can never be allowed, a love that will have devastating consequences ...

How can something so wrong feel so right?

All I can say is OMG! I HAVE TO READ THAT!!!

Its already available in the UK but will be available in the US this June.


I for one am so curious to find out how this book is written, what the story is, and if it will make me cry like everyone says it will.

Must have NOWS!

So, now that you heard what my CAN'T WAIT book is... What's yours? Leave us or a comment so we can find out what has you on pins and needles.


  1. Nice post chica:) Ever since you told me about this book I can't stop thinking about it!!

    We so SO NEED to read this book!

    And I must say that cover....sooo perfect and right up my ally.

  2. Forbidden is just heartbreakingly beautiful. I can't remember another time when I've cried this much for a book.

  3. Thank you for visiting and following Fictional Distraction. I'm following now as well. :)

    I haven't heard about this one, but it definitely sounds interesting - but a little bit different than what I'd usually read. Great pick nonetheless, and thank you for sharing!


  4. AAHH i just added this yesterday, i've heard a ton of good things about it, i can't wait for it's release!! Great WOW

  5. Sounds really interesting! The cover is fantastic too!

    Here's my WOW:

  6. I've seen this book somewhere else. Not on WoW but another blogger must have highlighted it. It got my attention then and I thank you for reminding me of it. Nice choice!

  7. I have heard this is a book that will make you weep! I am tempted to read it, but I don't know if I can handle the angst. I hope you enjoy it!

    Check out my WoW post here:

  8. I love your pick!!! I have been waiting for this one for awhile!!

  9. hey great wow..seems we all are cheating this week lol...

    darkfallen how on earth did you finish that book woman....*shock*

  10. @Sue LMAO bc chick it's called sleep....I just don't do it *winks* Me and sleep have an agreement: it doesnt look for me and I don't go fruit to find it! Lolz

    Let's see the average gal my age sleeps what like 6-8 hrs a night? Well my meds I take bc of thyroid cancer keeps me up so I sleep maybe 3-2 hours a night but I'm partially awake always. Like I hear everything and I spend all night layin there plotting the next days adventures. Lolz I have pills for sleep to counter act the thyroid stuff but ummmm I kinda don't take em *shruggs* Mew who needs sleep? Lolz
    So now you know my secret....shhhhh don't tell anyone kay

  11. Forbidden looks intense! I want to read it, but I'm also nervous to in case it's too depressing. Nice pick!

  12. Oh wow! This sounds awesome! Adding it to my TBR list right this second!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw! =]

  13. Whoa there! lol - don't know if I could handle this subject - I used to get uptight because people used to mistake my then boyfriend and me for siblings, so I think this would get to me too much. Interesting subject matter, but it's a little....squirmy, y'know? Hell, I'm going to follow you just to find out what you think of the book when you finally get it. :)