Sunday, May 22, 2011

In My Mailbox

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Hello all and welcome to the Wastelands. We finally both made it to the library and wanted to show off our haul.

Greta's Nightstand

I got my first MAILBOX BOOK!!! Darkfallen sent me The Blue Mirror by Kathe Koja
Can I get a squee squee?

Here are the books I got from the library this last time around:
I also got the latest Foo Fighers cd and a 10 Years cd from the library ;)
I'm so jealous of that 10 Years cd btw...hint hint

Darkfallen's Nightstand

So here's what happens when I leave a friends house...

ummm I bet you can guess which TWO I prolly won't actually read;)

Then we have my latest library dash, because you know I couldn't possibly have enough books at home;)

I about flipped when I realized this was at the library, for some reason I thought it was too new for that!

And last but certainly not least look what came in Paranormal Wastelands mailbox!!

Yep yep thats right we were lucky enough to get an ARC of this last installment in the Immortals series..and I'll tell ya, it's Amazing!!
And I'll let ya in on a little secret....we even have 2 copies to giveaway!!
Don't miss out, check back on June 7th for the review & the giveaway!!

We showed you you show us yours;)

hehe you asked to see theirs....lolz
*smacks Darkfallen*
Get your head out of the gutter!!!!

Spank ya laters!!

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