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Airel by Aaron Patterson: GIVEAWAY!!

We here at the wastelands got lucky enough to get our hands on an ARC of this new little booky wook!
Because we are all about sharing the love,
Because Aaron Patterson, and the fine people at Stone Ink Publishing, share that love,
We not only bring you a review of this little cutie, but an awesome sauce GIVEAWAY!!!
Woot woot!
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I was telling you about a giveaway!
Lets start with my review shall we?
Without any MORE interruptions I bring you....
By Aaron Patterson
Chris White

Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:
They fell from grace for love...
 they married women and their children had abilities.
 The Sons of God became legend and myth and over time gods like Thor, Zeus, and others carried the story over time. Superheros emerged and real or not, this is the beginning...
  ***Airel just wanted to go through High School as a normal teenager. She wanted to fly under the radar, but that was all about to change. Something was happening to her, changes and now this man stalking her... a killer and he wanted her!
   ***Based on a true story***

A Darkfallen review:

Ok I have read a lot of fallen angel stories, but....none like this. So where to start?

Well first I just have to say the cover is breathtaking, absolutely amazing! I know that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, and all that blah blah blah....but I mean come on!! You have to admit it calls to you. lolz

But whats waiting behind that cover? Well lets continue on shall we?

Airel is just an average high school girl. Living an average life. Trying to stay out of the limelight of popularity at school. At times feeling awkward, and confused as most teenage girls do. Although I do have to say she is less naive than most girls her age. She knows that falling for a boy, and becoming hopelessly in love will only hurt her in the end. She's smart in that way, and I heart her for it. In the end though, no matter how hard you try, no matter how old you are, love knows no boundaries. Love conquers all. It makes you fall first, and ask questions later. She was supposed to just be a job for it possible Airel isn't the only one who is gonna feel the fall-out from loves wrath? When the battle wages, and loves sinks it's teeth into you, the question is are you willing to die for it?

We must all die, before we can live.....if only we really understood how true that is.
This book takes you through a journey. I love how you not only get the present day story of Airel, but you also get the story behind the story. The flashbacks, and different points of view make this all the more interesting. At first everything seems kinda detached. Like story A, doesn't quite line up with story B, but them BAM all the pieces fall into place, your heart starts to pull from your chest, and the ending....OMG the ending. There is the YA stories of young love, we've all read them. We've all even fallen for them. We've sat on the edge of of seat, white knuckle gripping the book, while the lovers fight side by side. We have cried for them. This book left me to stunned to cry. It went beyond that. What if I told you not only does love have no boundaries, but it was so strong it could cross the enemy line of a war that as been raging since the great fall? Can a love really be the tie that binds the side of GOD with the side of Evil?

Or will mortal enemies remain mortally damaged.....

Nope, nope I've already said to much. Now go run along a grab yourself a copy!     
But wait!!
There's More!!
Wanna chance to WIN your very own copy?
Aaron Patterson, and Stone Ink, are going to give one lucky winner an eBook copy!!
All you have to do to enter is simple...
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until next time ....
LYMI ~Darkfallen~


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