Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To a special girl

We can't contain ourselves

We're jumping up and down for joy

We tried to keep it quiet

But we're still making just a little noise

We'd yell it from the rooftops

We'd cheer it in the streets

Cuz there's a birthday girl amongst us

And we're trying not to scream

~ Happy Birthday ~ ONE PUSHY FOX !!

Greta: Oops... that mighta been a tad bit too loud

Darkfallen: yeah were not good at quiet;)

Hope your birthday is magical, dreamy, and filled with everything you wished for!!

Lots of love,

Now, make a wish and blow out your bday candles!


  1. You guys ROCK!!!

    Thank you so much! And I especially loved the kitty with the hat. :)