Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Won A Blog Award!!!

Guess what?

Apparently people think we're awesome...

And what do ya know? Theres an award for that!!

*happy dances*
C'mon Greta stop laughing at me and DANCE!! You know you want to;)
*hip bumps Greta*

Isn't she a beaut!!
*pets award*

Hey will ya stop stroking that thing your kinda creeping me out!

Aww don't listen to her, she's just jealious;)

So first we would like to give a special thanks to our good pal Sarah @ I'm Loving Books.
Ya know what they say "It takes one to know one," and since she is made of awesomesauce, and she gave us this award for being awesome, then that must mean that WE are too made of awesomesauce!!
like my logic lolz *winks*



Ok so in spirit of the award and all this is the part where you get to learn 7 little things about us wastelands here...

1.) Meeting famous people makes me puke inducing. Which doesn't go over to well at book signings;)

2.) I have serious OCD, but I live in an utter state of chaos. But if you clutter my kitchen counter, so help ya!
3.) People call me un-American because I HATE Star Wars, Star Trek, John Wayne, Elvis, meatloaf, and sloppy joes.
*ducks from all the flying fruit*

Hey but I DO like Johnny Cash;)

4.) I collect refrigerator magnets. I have over 100 magnets on my fridge. I've been collecting ever since I moved out of my house. When I was a kid my mom had a fridge full and I always thought that was pretty neat. I guess the most embarrassing thing about my fridge is that I have 7 Star Trek ones on there.

5.) I have a green rubber ducky sitting on my keyboard. He is my little friend. I have named him Mr. Quackers even though he insists that he's a girl. I seriously think he's lying to me.

6.) Last night my husband tried to teach me how to snap my fingers. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I am 32 years old and still can't snap my fingers... but I finally learned how to tie my shoes on my own so I figure life is good.
Don't feel bad girl. I'm 27....I can't can suck a duck!
But not your cute Mr. Quackers of course;)
And because there has to be 7 and Greta is really a pain about sharing we decided we needed to do one together.

7.) We both agree that if you can't make a fist around it then its probably eiher way too big or made up;)

LOLZ! OH, cryptic snaps!!

Thank spankys for the award!!
 We already knew we are most awesome but its rather humbling for everyone else to finally admit it :)
Is it just me? Or is this place starting to feel a bit crowded by Greta's ego? LMAO!!

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  1. SNORT!! Just step around my big head lolz!! It might deflate after a little while ;P

    That sounds dirty ;P