Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sinful Rock Hard WINNER!!

So for the last week everyone has been fingers crossed.
Praying to the sex gods above....or below...however you like it!
*waggles eyebrows*
Well the wait is over. The sex gods have spoken.
And what a sexy deep voice he has...*shivers*

Linda Henderson
Congratulations chickie your hubz will thank us!

*Cheers & whistles*
Woot Woot!!

But last week we asked YOU what is your rock star fantasy and here's what you had to say:
Jon Bon Jovi
Vince Neil
Sabastian Bach
Eddie Vetter
Tombias Sammet
Gavin Rosdale
Chad Kroeger
Mick Jagger
Johny Christ
Scott Stapp
Jared Letto
Adam Lavine
Dave Navarro
Chris Daughtry
Let me just say WOW ladies most of these are some seriously hot men!
Although SOME of your answers leave me a little worried for your health *winks* lolz
So after making you reveal your dark side it's only fair for us, Greta & Darkfallen, to reveal ours;)

Meet Greta's little rocker boy....
ummmm Gavin is sooo yummy
But guess what Greta? I've got a little present for you *bits fingernail*
come hither my dear Greta...and don't forget that black leather corset-Gavin

Gavin Rossdale probably has no idea that clad only in a guitar strap and snug fitting jeans that he alone has headlined countless not for children's eyes nom nom dreams for her. But it makes Greta happy and if it makes Greta happy then it just has to be right ;) Plus, she'll hog tie him if he says otherwise... which she'll also enjoy as she slips into her leather corset. (hey! Its her dream! You should see what she wears when she's reenacting Twilight in her head. I swear she scares that poor vampire boy!)
*Darkfallen fans herself*

*Greta growls*
Someone give that girl some ice water! lolz

Meet Darkfallens rocker boy...
Oh god just look at Zacky Vengeance
Ya know Zacky is who Trey was originally based on..-Olivia Cunning

*Darkfallen faints*
Thrpp thud
Quick someone call 911!!! Does anyone know mouth to mouth? -Greta
*Greta shakes Darkfallen*
"Did someone say mouth to mouth. I think I can handle that."
*Zacky pushy Greta out of the way*

 Urg just look at those lips. And those arms. Oh gawd I want those tatts wrapped around me. *growls* I just wanna lick him!! *gasps* Did I just say that out loud?!? lolz What I wouldn't give to replace that guitar of his. No NO seriously I'll be his instrument any day of the week. Hey Zacky I'm very versatile if ya know what I mean. *waggles eyebrows*
Ummmmm Greta I might need to borrow that corset if you don't mind, ummmmm and possibly a whip? *bites lip* You see what this man does to me?!?!
I think I'm just gonna lay down for a moment ;)
Until Next time!!!
       Greta ~ spank ya laters;)
Darkfallen ~ Lymi;)


  1. NICE!!!

    *fans self

    Congrats winner!! So many lusty boys to thinks about :)

  2. Glad you like your bedtime come hither num nums!!

    And *swoons* Zacky my dear Zacky

  3. YOu wanna know a secret. I had no idea who your zachy poo was til I googled him ;) I'm so hip that its square ;)

  4. Yep but I bet you knew who Avenged Sevenfold was and thats a

    But know that ya know don't ya just wanna lick him!!