Monday, May 9, 2011

The Death of Superman

By: by Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson, and Roger Stern

Published: January 1993

Synopis taken from Superman Wiki

The Death of Superman is a comic story arc during the 1990s in all four mainstream Superman comics of the time, which chronicles Superman's confrontation with the terrible monster Doomsday, his battle with the monster, and finally his death at the hands of the strange beast.

Today I would like to play tribute to the falling of the Man of Steel. On Friday on of my favorite shows -Smallville - will be coming to an end. And because all good things must come to an end I'm going to tell you what a rip off Superman's death was back in the 90s.

Superman has been an inspiration to so many Americans. He's given us someone to believe in. Let us reach for our dreams. And has given us hope. He is actually my husband's hero.

I on the other hand am a Lex Luthor kinda girl.

"The Death of Superman" isn't the best comic book out there. It actually ticked me off after I read it because it really was just a cash cow to stir people up into buying it. You do NOT sell tickets to a rumble unless someone is going down for the count. I mean... "HELLOS!! He came back to life!!" and that's what made me mad. Because in my opinion they basically just came up with a way to induct Superman into sainthood.

Doomsday is the evil baddy in "The Death of Superman". My husband went on and on about how Doomsday was super bad and most awesome but I found him as a snoresfest.

"But Greta!" you gasp. "I thought you loved Superman."

That's not really true. I love the idea of Superman but I love anyone who will give Superman a run for his money.

In Smallville Season 8 they actually introduced Doomsday in an entirely different way and it was brilliant!! If the comics would have done that (I could insert spoilers but I won't) then I would have been a happy little girl.

But they didn't. Basically (And this comic is pretty old so I figure everyone knows this spoiler), Doomsday didn't KILL Superman.... Superman died from exhaustion!! I totally wanted him bashed to hamburger meat!! My husband kept warning me that Doomsday did a real number on him.... but all they showed was blood lines. BORING! OK ok... they showed a bit more than that but ahhh... still pretty weak.

I think if "The Death of Superman" was redone today I would probably get the gore that I hunger for.

But what isn't told is in this comic is: Did Superman kill Doomsday or did he just run him out of Metropolis?

The answer to that drove me mad!!! It never says!! At least, from the way I took it. Does anyone out there know the answer to that?

I can understand why this was (and I believe still is) the best selling comic of all time. I remember back in 10th grade when it came out. I remember all the boys huddling around a table in art class reading it and then groaning at the end. They were not happy campers. I waited nearly 20 years to read it and when I got to the end I felt jipped too. I really feel it was made just to earn a buck... SEVERAL BUCKS!!

And yet, we still love Superman because the world needs a hero. I mean, what would the world be like without a Superman? I don't think I ever want to find out.

So, today I salute you Mr. Clark Kent and your blue spandex suit! Thanks for being such a super guy. (even if your death was a royal rip-off and it just left me wanting to strangle you)

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  1. Headline reads "Superman, aka Mr. Clark Kent,once thought dead, showed himself very much alive yesterday in down town Metropolis. However the excitement was short lived when a masked women in a black corset pounced on him like a spider monkey, and strangled Mr. Kent to his death."


  2. LOLZ!!

    And then teamed up with Lex Luthor and lived happily ever after!!