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Title: Shattered
Author:  Dean Koontz
Published: 1973
Synopsis from Goodreads

As Alex and Colin speed toward their new home in San Francisco where Courtney awaits them, they are pursued by a madman who is also eager to see Courtney.

~~ Summary ~~

Alex and Courtney just got married. Courtney is in San Francisco while Alex is in Philadelphia with he 11 year old brother Colin. Courtney is Colin's guardian ever since their parents died. The new family is now moving to California. Since Courtney is getting the house ready and got there early by plane that means Colin and Alex will drive the Thunderbird across country and maybe even bond a bit on the way.

George can't get his mind off of Courtney. Why did she leave him? How could she? Alex Doyle and her brother are in the way. If he was just to get them out of the picture then Courtney would love him again. Right?

~~ Greta's Thoughts ~~

WOW! What a ride!!

While this book is a bit dated the thriller/suspense/edge of your seat concept is timeless. 

The story is very very well told. Once you get a bit of info where you think you have everything figured out you get to hear the other side and are then sent for another loop.

The best parts of "Shattered" was the car chase. It was just like that car chase inJeepers Creepers, where if it was a movie you'd be screaming "Noooo!! Goooo!".

And then another great part was the motel scene where Alex is trying to figure out who was jiggling the doorknob. Again you scream, "Noooo!!!" but this time you add, "Have you never seen a horror movie, dude? Are you out of your freaking mind? Don't go in there!!"

It's totally awesome!!!

Things that I enjoyed about this book was how simplistically it was written. You get to hear the story as though it's being told around a campfire. I guess that would be narrative... and that's one awesome way of telling a scary story.

The other cool thing is... This could happen!! What's more scary than something that could actually jump out in the middle of the night and take your life in cold blood? Forget vampires... What do you do when you get stuck with a man and his ax?

Oh ye-ah! You hold on tight to the covers and make other arrangements... cuz you aren't going anywhere till you finish "Shattered"

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  1. I could never watch horror movies when I was younger but I could read these crazy books.