Saturday, June 23, 2012

Monster Mama

Title: Monster Mama
Author: Liz Rosenberg
Illustrator: Stephen Gammell
Published: 1993
Synopsis from Goodreads

Even though she's a real monster, Patrick Edward loves his mom -- especially when she uses her powers to tame a trio of young bullies -- in this exuberantly illustrated picture book about the universal love between a mother and child.

A beautiful children's book about a little boy who has a special kind of mama.

A Monster Mama!!

Monster Mama is indeed that... A monster! She lives in a cave at the back of the house and teaches her little boy how to do magic and roar.

But Patrick Edward isn't a monster. He just has a one as his Mama.

One day Mama tells Patrick Edward to go pick up some desert from the market. On the way he gets bullied by three mean kids. Monster Mama hears this from her cave and runs down there to make things right.

In the end they all become friends and Monster Mama saves the day even if she doesn't like people to see her.

This is a fantastic book for your older little one. If you child is into monsters and ghosts then this book is for them!

The artwork is also beautiful and very well done.

A must have!

Would be great to read around Halloween, too :)

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