Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Like Turtles

If there is one thing that Zombie Turtle Boy has taught me it would be that

There are several books out there on turtles and recently I have been reading quite a few about box turtles.

Because the books are quite similar I thought I would just do mini reviews on them just to let you know what I have found at my library.

Title: Box Turtles (Library of Turtles and Tortoises)
Published: 2004

Greta's Thoughts
This short children's book about box turtles is almost as informative as some of the handler's guides that I have read lately.

I actually learned a couple of things that those 'adult' books didn't teach me.

For instance: 

*It takes 20 years for a box turtle to get full size.

*Baby box turtles take 3 months to hatch.

*Some female box turtles lay eggs no matter what.

*The spikey ridge on the turtle's back is called a keeled.

*And some pet box turtles will respond to their owner's voice.

I found that last one simply fascinating. 

All in all, this is a great book for anyone interested in box turtles. The photographs are very well done. And it is the perfect book before bedtime for your little box turtle enthusiast. 

Title: Box Turtles
Author: Lynn M. Stone 
Published: 2007

Greta's Thoughts
The pictures in this book were magnificent but I found the information to be quite contradictory from every book I have recently read concerning box turtles. Also, it had a bunch of "we don't know" this or that about the box turtle because they have not been "studied" in depth enough. So much so that it made me wonder if the box turtle has ever been studied.

While it's not a bad book, this is one that I wouldn't start with if you are interested in learning about box turtles.

And some of you might ask... why are you taking such an interest in turtles, Greta? 

Well, it's because I have made a friend and I really want to learn how to give him the best life I can possibly give.

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