Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Big Brag

Title: The Big Brag 
Published: 1958
Synopsis from Goodreads

It starts out harmlessly enough, with a rabbit feeling rather pleased with himself and his talent for hearing. A neighboring bear overhears the rabbit's boasting and takes offense. The challenge is on, and the bickering begins as the bear proclaims that his ability to smell is quite superior to the rabbit's hearing. It's up to a wise earthworm to point out the winner--neither! A great Seuss classic to give as a gift, with a story and a moral for our times.

"The Big Brag" is just what the title says .... a BIG brag.

A rabbit believes that he is the best animal of all the animals because of his ears. A bear, on the other hand, believes he is the best of the beasts because of his nose.

The rabbit shows the bear how he can hear a fly sneeze from 90 miles away, while the bear shows the rabbit how he can smell a stale egg from even further.

Of course there is no way they can really show each other this. And that is where the old worm comes into the story. He comes out of his hole and tells the bear and the rabbit that he is the best because he can see further than either one of them. He looks out across the world and sees two fools up on a hill. Just so happens that the bear and the rabbit are standing on a hill.

Imagine that.

Greta's Thoughts
I love how Dr. Suess has lessons in his stories. This is a great book for a brother and sister who are constantly fighting over who is the best. And I loved how the old worm intervened like a grandparent. The book was quite clever. It make me wonder how Dr. Suess came up with these ideas. Were his kids fighting at the time? Maybe he had the same tiff with his siblings? Or perhaps he was watching two colleagues try to get the same position at work. No matter what your age might be, this book can really teach you something.

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  1. A Dr. Suess book I've never heard of, how can that be? I thought I've seen them all! I'm glad I came across your blog tonight, so I could "discover" another Dr. Seuss book - we don't have this one in our library (our library that I pride myself on having all the Dr. Suess books - *g*)

    I am going to have to get a hold of this book, for sure. Thanks! :)