Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Little Book of Painted Turtles

Title: My Little Book of Painted Turtles 
Illustrator: Maria Magdalena Brown 
Published: 2003
Synopsis from Goodreads

This book is a delightful story about a new family of painted turtles. From the safety of the nest where the baby turtles hatch to the security of the pond where they search for food and witness the changing seasons, this beautifully illustrated book is ideal for introducing young children to the wonders of nature.

What a cute book!! It made me say "awww" from the very first page.

We start out with a log full of painted turtle babies basking in the sun. We learn how that helps their bones and warms them. Then we watch as they dive dive dive as a hungry mink wants to a turtle snack but the turtles are too smart for him. They go hide in the mud.

Then it's time to learn how a turtle hunts, what they eat, and where they play. Aren't turtles fun?!

One thing that threw me off is we focus on a girl turtle who gets stroked on the neck by a boy turtle. I'm thinking "Uhhhhh"...... And sure enough on the next page we are learning about how turtles lay eggs.

So, Mommy beware!!! If you read this to your Little Ones it's possible you might get a birds and the bees question.

After Turtle Fun Time, we learn how turtles hibernate and how the babies survive in their nest. We also learn about their egg tooth and yolk sac. That is very very informative for a children's book. I enjoyed that.

Soon to follow, the babies are old enough to dig their way out of their nest and make their way to the water. But there is a bad crow up in the air waiting for them. I thought that was extremely realistic because I believe that is how I got my Little Dude.

But happily all the baby turtles make it into the water where they go to sun on a log to keep them warm and help their bones grow. Thus, another generation in a turtle circle of life.

Greta's Thoughts
This book is great!! A narrative look at the daily life of a painted turtle is quite interesting. The drawings are super cute and I think this book would be perfect for younger children. I really enjoyed how every turtle had a different expression and personality.

In my book this story is a winner!!


  1. Sounds really cute. I love turtles!

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