Saturday, August 25, 2012

Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches

Title: Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches 
Published: 1999
Synopsis from Goodreads

Alice spends her time casting helpful spells but Greta loves to wreak havoc until a spirited spell comes back to haunt her.

Alice is a cute bubbly fun witch. She dances in flowers and has a happy kitty and a happy bat and everything around her is just so super happy!

Greta is a misunderstood witch who likes to pull practical jokes and turn prince frogs into evil toads and rain marshmallow fluff down on sticky children to make them stand still.

I honestly don't see why everone is so mad at Greta. I mean... didn't anyone get the memo? All Gretas are fabulous!!

But, the writer of this book has a different view. He created a Greta who is the villain. And while a villainous Greta can be a fabulous Greta, I guess the children this book is read to will root for Alice.



Greta's (the bad witch) Thoughts
This book was super cute! A nice picture book that would be perfect when learning the Golden Rule, 

or Read around Halloween,

or even at a girl's slumber party.

I can just imagine a little girl falling in love with this!

While "Greta and Alice" is boy friendly, it does revolve around two girls. So, I think girls would like it more.

The illustrations are very colorful and have a lot going on. I enjoyed looking at everything in each picture. Super cute and kawaii!!

I wish this was out when I was a kid. I would have squeed at it every time it was read to me!!

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