Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For the Love of Blogger!

Author Robert Duperre is made of awesomesauce. You want to know why?
Well besides the fact that he writes some truely amazing books, he really loves us bloggers! Like he loves us so much that he wanted to show some blogger love, and what better way to do that than to give away free stuff?

*happy dances*

Now what exactly am I talking about?

For one day only, tomorrow Feb 1st, he is giving away his entire library away free on Amazon!!!!

*crowd goes wild*

So head on over to Amazon.com tomorrow and pick yourself up some great free books! Below are all the links to his books.

That's five free books!!
Now that's what I call some blogger appreciation:)
So hop on over to Amazon on Feb. 1st and snag yourself some free reads...and remember Robert Duperre is made of awesome!

Until next time...


  1. That is awesome! I've never read anything of Duperre's, but I'll certainly check them out now.