Monday, August 1, 2011

Interview with Seth Prescott & Unlovable Giveaway!!

*Greta clears throat dramatically*
Yo! Ummmm Darkfallen?

*stares at Seth...sighs*

*pokes Darkfallen in the ribs*
DUDE! Like HELLO and stuff!!!! You're supposed to be doing an interview here not spacing out!!!

*flinches, wimpers ouch*
Oh yes right!! Sorry about that a little.....

Damn it!! DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, ok, ok! Right, an interview!

Alright today I would like to take them time to introduce to you a good friend of mine.
ok so maybe more like a friend of a friend...
You See indie author Sherry Gammon of her debut novel Unlovable was kind enough to get us in touch with Seth Prescott, the irrestitable undercover MET agent, all the way here from Port Fare!
So without further ado WELCOME!!

Darkfallen: I know you spent a lot of time with just your mom when you were little, so I guess we have her to thank for your gentleman behavior, but what about your swoon worthy good looks?

Seth:My mom used to say I'm an exactly replica of my Dad, except for my eyes, those are hers.

Greta: Mama likes!

Darkfallen: Did you always know that you would follow in your dad's footsteps?
Seth: Oh yeah! I love the spy stuff, but now that I have Maggie, I'm having second thoughts for the first time ever. It can be dangerous, and even though Maggie has never complained, I know she is afraid for me.
Greta: Cuz he's a vampire right?
Darkfallen: Shut up Greta! Not all guys who live on the edge have to be vampires
Greta: You have to admit it helps
Darkfallen: Ummm.... ok... it does sometimes
Greta: NO! It does all the time!
Darkfallen: Shhh! Stand over there and look at that shiny thing while I continue to talk to this hot guy who is in no way a VAMPIRE
Greta: But should be
Darkfallen: It’s hard enough being an undercover MET agent at such a young age, but how hard was it to go through high school…AGAIN? Shessh I really don’t think I could do it!

Seth: I was homeschooled, so really for me it is the "first" time. All I can say is, I'm glad I was homeschooled! High school is a tough place. I don't understand the cruelty that goes on. Very weird.

Greta: Does that mean your Mom voted you Prom King?

Darkfallen: Seth, you don't have to answer that.

Greta: I'm taking his silence as a YES.

Darkfallen: Honestly, what was your first thought about Maggs when you saw her. I mean you had to have heard all the rumors about her, but what did you think?

Seth: The only rumors about Mags was that her mom was a drunk. I was amazed that someone with such a tough home life was so kind to others. She seemed venerable, yet tough at the same time. A very strange dichotomy.

Greta: I'm not commenting on that cuz I don't know what dichotomy means. I'm going to assume it means sexy and very Greta-esq.

Darkfallen: You always seem so calm and grounded when you’re around Maggs, while she is always second guessing everything…so tell us are you really that way? Or does she make you as nervous as you make her?

Seth: Calm and grounded! I'm A WRECK! I've lost weight, I can't sleep. Absolutely pathetic!

Darkfallen: Ok so I’m going to get a little personal here so feel free to plead the 5th but inquiring minds want to know! So you have somehow managed to keep your “purity” in tack, which can I just say makes you even more tempting by-the-way! But since you plan to wait till marriage for that can we expect you and Maggs to get married? If so when? And more importantly…am I invited? I make really awesome wedding cakes!

Seth:I'll take you up on the cake! Thanks! As for a wedding, we will definitely be getting married, but right now, Maggie needs to get herself healthy. She doesn't need to be working on a marriage right now. Besides, she JUST turned 18. Seriously, we are not Edward and Bella;} BTW, Maggie loves those books, personally, I don't get them! Must be a girl thing.

Greta: HAHAHAS!! Awesome... wait... I got married when I was 18 ;) OH!! That means my husband is a vampire!! YES!!

Thanks for the interview! It's nice to get out of cop mode and stretch my wings a little! Much success with your book blog!

Seth Prescott

Now that you have seen Darkfallen going all swoony over Seth how would ya like to get to know him even better?
How, you ask?
With a contest of course!
One lucky Wastelander will win their very own copy of Unlovable!!
To see Darkfallen's review go here! 

So here's the rules:
1.) You must be lost somewhere in the wastelands.
(this is ferret speak for you must be a follower, so join us!)

2.) Wanna earn extra points?
(leaving a comment on this post, tweeting, and posting to facebook will earn you those!)

3.) This contest is open to wastelanders with a US address only.
(sorry my international wastelanders, I promise to make it up to you soon;)

4.) And most importantly fill out the form HERE!!

This giveaway will close on August 8th @ midnight!

Until Next Time...


  1. What a great interview!! I laughed so much!! lol Ohh Greta*--
    Sounds like a great book, too!! Just entered the contest, thanks!!

  2. ahhhh bull poopy lol, why is these things never open to us guys over in the uk :(

  3. Yummy interview! Even if he isn't a vampire he is still delicious! (I must be really hungry or something! Next thing you know I'm going to be comparing him to chocolate! Ooooohhhhh .... chocolate Seth bunny!!! I know which part of him I'd eat first! Hey - minds out of the gutter, girls - I was going to say ears! (Yeah, right!)) Thanks for an awesome interview and giveaway :)
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  4. iv fbooked it and tweeted anyway chick. good luck everyone

  5. Oh Julie....his ears? Yea ok so maybe that would be a good place to start...lolz

  6. Hehehe you guys should read some of our emails to eachother. Or better yet listen in to one of our phone calls. We are dangerous together;) lolz

  7. Buuuu... I so much want to live in the US!!! :(
    Nevermind that, the interview was hilarious! Hahahaha, awesome job!


  8. Not only am I lost in the wastelands, my brain has taken a vacation. It took me a while to register this was a character interview LOL - that's okay, I loved it. Thank you for this fun giveaway opportunity.

  9. Funny!! Thanks guys. Just got back in town and back to internet access. I feel like I've been living in a cave for a month! I'll look into donating for your friend also! GREAT Cause!!

  10. Great post! Very funny.

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