Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Vampire Of Highgate by Asa Bailey: Review

The Vampire of Highgate
By Asa Bailey
Published July 7th 2012 by Hodder Children's Book
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

Kathy is an innocent, an outsider who longs to belong somewhere. Anywhere. Dreams of her half-sister Amber and of the centuries old Highgate Vampire are taking her to places she doesn't want to go. Kathy can't stop the sequence of events. If her nightmares and reality collide, the Highgate Vampire will come to take her soul...

Darkfallen's thoughts:

Welcome to the story of the Highgate Vampire...

Kathy has spent her entire life in New York being raised be her two adoptive parents, and aside from being adopted has she is just your normal girl. That is until she starts having weird dreams about her sister that she hasn't seen since she was a baby. Dreams that her sister is in trouble and needs her help. The only problem is that her sister lives in London. Doing what she feels she has to Kathy goes to London after a mysterious book shows up in the mail from her sister. A book in a weird language that she can't even read. All she knows is she has to try and save her sister, but from what? Landing herself in the in a world of vampires can Kathy save her sister? Or will she fall to the same fate at the hand of the Highgate Vampire?

This isn't your swoon worthy vampire novel. No these vampires are the things of nightmares and legends. All fangs, blood, and thirst! And the same goes for this book. With page after page of suspense and running for your life from blood crazed vampires this book brings back the traditional vampires we loved to be scared of in Anne Rice novels. I loved how the story kept me on the edge of my seat, and even scared me a few times. It was a nice change of pace from our cuddlepires that we all swoon over these days.

The only thing that is keeping this from getting 5 stars is the the way it was written. The story is told from Kathy's POV and she is from New York, yet the whole book sounds like it is being told from a Brit's POV. Yes I get that the story takes place in London, but Kathy wouldn't talk like she was from there being that she has never left the United States until she flew over to find her sister. Personally I just think it should have a more American accent to it. And say things like "tennis shoes" instead of "trainers", or "flashlight" instead of "torch". Again I only say this because it is being told by Kathy and she is, as the Brits would say, a Yankee; therefore I think the story should be told like one.

Other than that this was a great, fast read with vampires that just mught keep you up at night.


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