Saturday, July 7, 2012

Emma's Turtle

Title: Emma's Turtle
Published: 2007
Synopsis from Goodreads

Although Emmas turtle lives a good life in a backyard pen, he loves to listen to Emma as she tells him of such faraway places as Africa, Australia, and China. One day he decides to stop dreaming of those places and see the world beyond his pen. 

This is a super cute book told from the pov of Emma's Turtle.

This cute little box turtle is super curious. He lives in a pen out back where his Emma tells him stories about different lands like China, India, Australia, and Africa.

Turtle really would like to visit these places.

One day he digs his way under his pen and goes to explore. He wants to see the tigers of India and the Kangaroos of Australia. They sky is the limit!

Greta's Thoughts
I love that the turtle told the story. I thought that was super de duper cute! I also loved that he was a box turtle and true to being a box turtle he had a hard time walking through grass and loved to dig.

I also thought it was mondo cool that he lived outside in a pen, ate a snail, and got strawberries when his Emma found him at the other end of the yard. And it made me go squee when he said he was going to dig another hole tomorrow so he could go find China. Box turtles are mighty curious and this book definitely captured that.

The pictures were fabulous!! They brought out many mannerisms and expressions that I have seen in my turtle. Totally cute!! And the backgrounds were simply splendid. A child will not get bored with these pictures. There are tons of things to see.

Whether you own a turtle or not, are a boy or a girl, or simply love animals then this book will knock your shell off.

Totally a winner!

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