Saturday, July 28, 2012

Box Turtle At Silver Pond Lane

Title: Box Turtle At Silver Pond Lane 
Published: 2001
Synopsis from Goodreads

Follow along as Box Turtle stirs from her cozy bed of oak leaves and soil, and makes her way across the road to find just the right spot to dig a nest and lay her eggs. Includes a glossary of key plant and animal terms.

We follow a lady box turtle who has decided it is time to lay her eggs. She crosses the road in search of the perfect spot but OH NOES!! a raccoon is there. Tucking herself inside of her shell she waits for the raccoon to leave. Afterwards, she digs her nest and lays her eggs, then retreats back across the street.

Greta's Thoughts
This is another Mama Turtle book about laying eggs. We don't get to see the babies but we learn what turtles eat and how we should not bother them in nature. We also learn that box turtles protect themselves by drawing themselves up into their shell.

The pictures in this book are great! This looks like a realistic box turtle. I also love the eyes. And true to box turtles, the eyes of the lady turtle are brown. The scenery is also gorgeous. If you like books that have painted illustrations then you will really enjoy this book.

The final page of this book was fascinating. We learn that the lady box turtle is an Eastern Box Turtle and where she is found. We also learn how cars and humans are a danger to box turtles. You can tell that the author has a real love for nature.

I also found it interesting that there is a glossary in the back and points of interest for each page to find animals hidden in the scenery.

I think this is a great book for your little one if they are interested in turtles or just love a good animal story.

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